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Cute & functional & lovely...
January 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
Cute & functional & lovely & minimalist recommended !

Great for using on a schedule book, highlighting & marking.
Not so good for long-time writing due to its ink amount. If you write a lot, you better buy other Signo series, such as Signo RT or Signo(DX UM151). I use Signo RT in Blue Black, and Style Fit for marking & highlighting.

I love the fact that ink refills are Signo line (water-proof ink). Much easier than regular Signo series, because you don' have to push the cap back every time you write. You need several times of practice to get used to its retractable function (the clip part retraction is sensitive). I already have 4 of this series (Uni-ball Style Fit 5 Color), and never bored with it. I have one in every pen case, purse, and desk top pen stand.

I also give this series multi-pen as a gift to my student, and they fall in love !!
I give 1 Pen Body Component & 6-7 colors refills, so that they can enjoy making their own "personalized" multi-pen.

Everybody is Happy with Style Fit : )
I love this cute design! I...
January 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
I love this cute design!
I love the fact that I can have all my favorite Uni-ball signo pens in one! One minor problem, the pen clip which is also one of the plungers has to be pushed at least twice before it locks.
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