Uni Style Fit 5 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Dot Pink

Uni Style Fit 5 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Dot Pink

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Note: This is a pen body only. Pen and pencil components are available separately, under Recommended Refills/Parts.

Brighten your everyday writing tasks with this cute, stylish dot-pattern pen body.

The Style Fit writing system gives you the freedom of choice to create a writing instrument as unique as you are. Choose your favorite pen body and combination of ballpoint, gel pen, and mechanical pencil components.

Style Fit writing components consist of the best that Uni-ball has to offer: super-smooth Jetstream ballpoint ink, vibrant and archival Signo gel ink, and diamond-infused NanoDia Low-Wear pencil leads. With these great components, you can combine the best Uni-ball qualities into a single writing instrument. In addition, the system is eco-friendly since you can refill it again and again.

The lightweight pen body is made of plastic and features a clear bottom portion that allows you to see ink color.

Dot style pen body to suit your fashion style. Pen body only. Ballpoint, gel, and mechanical pencil refills are available separately.

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I can't say enough positive...
October 25, 2011
I can't say enough positive things about the Style Fit multi pen. I had been a staunch supporter and purchaser of Hi-Tec C multi pen bodies and cartridges for years, but recently curiosity overcame me and I had to try Style Fit. I originally bought a 3-color body but decided that it was too bulky for the limited number of cartridges. The 5-color is the perfect solution; the body size matches well with the number of cartridges it store. And the cartridges themselves are great. Same beautifully thin (0.3mm) line that I love, but the tips are more substantial and the ink flow is smoother on a variety of surfaces than my Hi-Tec C's.

Can't go wrong with this purchase.
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I have to jot down a...
July 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have to jot down a lot of notes at work and was tired of jamming handfuls of pens into my apron. This was a good solution! All the ink cartridges flow nicely, there's a wide range of ink colours, and I get a lot of compliments on the body from co-workers and customers.
The only (minor) issue I've encountered is that sometimes the tips drop and seem to get stuck and it takes some fiddling to get them to retract again. It hasn't caused my much grief and I don't imagine it would be an issue at all to someone in a gentler workplace.
I definitely recommend it!
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I use it to fill out...
March 24, 2016
Verified Purchase
I use it to fill out my planner and it is perfect! It is much sturdier than I thought it would be, however, I can imagine it cracking if it is used as a main writing utensil. Figuring out how to lock the pen refills into place was a little tricky to begin with but it you use some strength you can feel it get secured in place. Perfectly cute!
I love this pen, and...
February 20, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love this pen, and I'm only taking off one star because the ink-switching tabs are prone to popping back up, so you have to be sure to really lock them in place. I'm usually changing colors in a hurry, so I've had my pens fly away back into the body on me quite a few times. Other than that, I love the ink options for this body, and the dotted pink design! I was worried it might start to fade easily with use, but so far (several weeks) it's held up well. The size is good too, and never feels too big or awkward in my hand despite holding 5 different inks.
I picked this out because...
January 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
I picked this out because it was exactly the sort of cutesy soft pink look I was going for, on which five stars, and the refills are also five stars for variety of colors, but I thought the plastic felt kinda flimsy and I was right. It cracked open along the seam after about two months of use and now I've got the thing held together with washi tape until one of the more expensive but less cutesy bodies arrives. Additionally, the push mechanisms are kinda flimsy and finicky. I often find myself having to try two or three times to get one to stay down.

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