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June 24, 2013
I own both this and the...
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I own both this and the blue/yellow, and along with my mint Pentel drafting pencil ( ody/pd/3343) and clear Tombo 2way eraser ( hite-Body/pd/9658) make up my everyday carry writing utensil set. And together they all look like candy! I LOVE THESE PENS. I wish that the Uniball refills wrote as good as my Pilot Hi-Tec-C's, but honestly, the convenience and cuteness more than makes up for it. I like having the option of using my two 5 color pens and/or busting out my full collection of gel pens for taking notes in class depending on my mood, and having essentially 10 different colored pens in my purse in the size of two fat pens is awesome. When I saw that both of these bodies were getting low in stock, I immediately ordered two back ups of each color! I anticipate these pens lasting a very, very long time, as they seem very well made and durable, and, phew, no tears will be shed if I lose them or my purse gets stolen when these have long run out of stock!

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October 9, 2013
The pen body is very...
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The pen body is very smooth, not slippery though, so it fits good in my hand. The clear plastic seems that it can be worn down more easily, scratched and whatnot, but it is still a beautiful pen case. The weight is just right, not too heavy. I like that I was able to fit in 0.28 pens and customize what I like. I also collect Majolica Majorca makeup so seeing MM on here was terrific. The design is very cute. I hope they come out with more stuff.
If you like to customize your pens and love the pleasing colors of baby pink and mint green, go for it.

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August 17, 2012
i ordered these pens...
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i ordered these pens as soon as they came out on jetpens! the pen body is really cute in person, not cheap looking, and the colours are really nice. these are the same quality as the normal style fit pen bodies, but if you havent used a uni style fit before then: they are extremely good quality and very easy to assemble. has a suitable price too, same as the regular, when i thought they would be more expensive.

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