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I got this and a few...
January 16, 2013
I got this and a few other colors as a gift. I was reading the other reviews on here about this refill's short life span and have also stumbled onto this. For me this pen is supposed to color coordinate notes and such and it lasted much longer when used this way. It also helped that I had 2 Pilot Coleto's. I also remedied the longevity problem for essays and long writing by using the UM-151 version of the Signo 0.38 which I also got as a gift (It pays to have a relative living in Japan). I just got the 0.28 in 8 colors to replace my dwindling 0.38 inks and will be writing a review for those in a week or so.
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I actually bought these...
June 4, 2010
I actually bought these pens at a Jusco, since I live in Japan. But, since they are offered on this site (for cheaper than what I paid in the store, too), I decided to review them.

I have the .28mm and .38mm pens in every color available.

The ink flow is smooth. The colors are vibrant.

I like the .38 more than the .28, as the lines look a lot better. I bought the .28mm specifically for writing kanji with multiple strokes, but the .38 work just as well, and the lines look better.
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Modified to fit in my...
March 18, 2016
Verified Purchase
Modified to fit in my Fisher Space Pen. Worked perfectly!
This wrote very well...
October 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
This wrote very well until I dropped my pen with the black cartridge extended, now the black doesn't write very well at all anymore - it skips a lot.
Probably the best black...
July 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
Probably the best black Gel Ink I've used in years. Totally recommend this for all your writing needs.
These refills write very...
April 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
These refills write very smoothly and create great-looking lines. The lifespan of these refills is quite short, so don't plan on using these to write page after page of text. These are better used for annotating books and documents, and for that purpose they will last a decent amount of time.
I really like how this...
April 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
I really like how this ink writes. It's very smooth and does not appear to skip.
Love the fine tip and...
February 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love the fine tip and smooth ink. I am a lefty and it doesn't smear at all.
I got this after spotting...
November 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
I got this after spotting it in many instagram posts and one youtube video and I am happy that I got it. I prefer smaller points and so the 0.38 was good for me. I think it depends on how big you write because somewhere in one of the reviews it says a good one to two days of heavy writing and it lasted over two weeks on one cartridge for me but I write tiny most of the time and I write most of the day but it's different for every person. I would recommend getting more then one cartridge just in case though.
Refill for my beautiful...
October 23, 2014
Verified Purchase
Refill for my beautiful Uni Style Fit Majolica Majorca. Definitely my favorite pen in all existence. Unfortunately I have to buy a lot of these refills because they are so skinny and don't hold much ink. Not for tasks like taking notes, doing homework, etc. Definitely a "special" writing task pen.
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