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I waited a long time...
January 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
I waited a long time before deciding to buy this, mostly because of the price relative to other style fit bodies and because of the previous review about not being able to see the color of the ink barrels. I'm glad I ended up buying it. You can definitely see which ink you're using through the clear window, even if the ink runs low, because the refills themselves have color printed on them that reaches to the level of the window. I personally found the weight to be just right, and I don't think that it looks or feels very cheap. Also, one of the things I didn't like about the design in the picture is the gold rings on the body. However, that's actually just part of a sticker, so the body is just one solid color, which I think looks much nicer, especially for the other colors that don't match so well with gold.

My one gripe with this body is its mechanism. The top portion that twists to select the cartridge doesn't turn 360 deg, which means that if you want to go from color A to color C, you have to go through B (if that makes any sense). Compare to other refills, in which you you can just quickly select the color. Another thing about the mechanism is that in order to retract the cartridge, you twist the barrel to a position between that of 2 cartridges, which is actually not a very stable position. I can imagine that if the pen gets thrown in a bag, the barrel can easily get rotated so that one of the refills gets selected, ruining the refill and getting ink all over my bag.
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I spotted this pen while...
February 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
I spotted this pen while recently browsing JetPens. I'm addicted to the Jetstream series and have a bunch of multi-pens and single-ink pens, as well as a customized Hard Lock that accepts the Jetstream multi-pen refills. I experimented with the first line of Style Fit multi-pens and could never shake the feeling that they were somewhat cheap-feeling. I had a lot of customization options, but a plastic pen will usually feel too light in the hand.

I was excited to see a metal-body Jetstream multi-pen, but this pen has one glaring flaw which became obvious when I put the refills in:

You can't see how much ink is left in the refills.

The clear plastic gap in the middle is only partly useful for seeing the remaining ink supply and for seeing which ink you're currently using. You can't tell the ink color in use directly; you have to see the other two ink colors to determine which one you're using. (Other multi-pens have this same problem.)

Despite being made of metal, this pen feels insubstantial. I know there's a certain advantage in a lightweight pen, and this pen is inexpensive so it's not supposed to feel substantial. But I for one wouldn't mind if Uni/Mitsubishi came out with an upscale multi-pen body in the Style Fit series. (My ideal multi-pen would be a Zebra Sharbo X that can accept Jetstream refills.)

I would score this pen higher if there was a broader selection of body colors.
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I really wanted this...
January 10, 2014
Verified Purchase
I really wanted this pen to be five stars. It does look gorgeous in gun metal gray, very stylish and quite impressive. I also totally love the way the Style Fit refills write (I am particularly fond on the 0.5mm Black/Brown) and I love the fact that I can combine different line width, gel and ballpoints and I can even get over the fact that you really cannot see the ink color or how much ink you have left through the little window as the other reviewer remarked. With only three colors, I can remember what to expect at each position.

I do wish that the "neutral" would be a bit more pronounced, maybe give it is's own "stop", as right now it kind of just hovers between either two color selections.

And while the Style Fit refills typically don't last very long, that is absolutely NO problem with this pen because you can't actually use it to write with. The grip is simply to slippery (if you want to replicate the feel, grab your most slippery pen, cover your hands with liberal amounts of hand lotion and give it a try - actually, you will probably have a better grip). One reviewer remarked he added some sleeve, I am just not sure if I would like the look. I will try to find a jeweler and try to see if I can get some ridges engraved, so I can actually use the pen, although it will probably cost me more than the pen itself. Maybe I'll use glue. :-(

Uni, if you read this, please fix this glaring mistake. Thank you in advance.
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I've had this pen for...
November 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
I've had this pen for two years. I'm a constant pen clicker and have destroyed many multi function pens, this held up very well over the course of time. I agree with other reviews regarding ink, etc.
I love this pen. It's...
February 20, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love this pen. It's exactly what I was looking for and it's a nice addition to my work setup. My only complaint is the barrel is a little slippery. I added a sleeve of electrical heatshrink but it would be nice if it came with a thin rubber sleeve/grips on the barrel. Other than that, the pen is perfect.
This Multi-pen body is...
March 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
This Multi-pen body is solid, however you can hear rattling on the inside. Good light weight, no eraser to replace, and its metal
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