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I work as a night auditor...
July 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
I work as a night auditor in a hotel and an constantly using different color pens. In the past I used a Papermate X-Tend Multi and later their PhD Multi, both of which I had to buy multiple times after they broke down on me after a year or so. Their rotating action is the main weakness.

It was a tough choice for me between this and the Hi-Tec-C. It came down to the refills being less complicated and less expensive, and I like the conical tips that look stronger to me than the thin needle tips. Since I wanted a separate pencil (the black .3mm Kuru Toga) I opted to fill it with five .28mm gels for the finest lines and longer life. The eraser has seen almost no action because of this, but it's the same size as the one in that model of pencil.

This pen is amazing! The barrel could use a grip but the smooth plastic doesn't bother me at all. It's extremely light but not flimsy to me. It takes very little pressure to write, and the superfine gels haven't disappointed me. The lines are consistent, and only once the black started to fade on me due to a bubble I think was caused from dropping it. The blue had one too, but it didn't affect the line at all. The black recovered after a few days of coming out a light gray. I've dropped this pen several times (I have this bad habit of tossing and catching at work, heh heh) and that problem hasn't happened since.

The lever action is very nice too—very light and they click into place easily and securely. The only drawback is it's a little sensitive if another lever is touched. It doesn't take much to make your selection snap back, especially when touching the main lever that is the clip.

I found a nice bonus too: the refills for this pen are the same size as the Papermates I used to use, so after my first red ran out, I popped in the last two (dull brick) red refills I had sitting around. This pen has no trouble using them as it takes a higher pressure to write with medium ballpoints. The second one is almost done and I can't wait to put the next .28 red gel in! I checked and saw the gel refills for this pen work perfectly in the two types of Papermate Multis I used to use, which is nice because fine-point ballpoint refills for those were hard to find, but the Meister is so much better. After using this pen constantly for eight months, it's not showing much wear. The black plastic where I grip it near the end is slightly smoother but not by much.

I recommend this pen highly, and bought a second one for a co-worker last Christmas—she loves it, and from what I've seen, the pencil action is more solid than the old Papermates from my past. I'd like to see them offer pencil inserts in .3mm (one advantage of the Hi-Tec-C,) as well as other sizes, but as I decided to go with a Kuru Toga, it doesn't really concern me.
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I bought this pen to...
September 10, 2011
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen to be able to have all my favorite colors in one pen and only have to carry one. For a pen freak like me that was a pretty stupid thought. I'm still going to carry a purse full of pens because of all the different colors, points, etc. :)

This pen is lightweight plastic and feels a bit cheap at first. Changing the colors is somewhat smooth. A couple times I've clicked to change the color and had to click the button again because the refill popped back up into the pen but that may have been operator error. The barrel is a little fat and took some getting used to. I ordered 5 refills in the .5 and a pencil refill as well. The colors are very nice. The .5 is a nice fine line, I think anything smaller is too fine a point in this particular pen but that is a personal choice. Overall I like the colors but the fat barrel makes it a little annoying to write with.
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Love the inks, love the...
August 19, 2014
Verified Purchase
Love the inks, love the pencil, love the colors. The only reason i can't give it 5 stars is because the build quality isn't great, but it also isn't bad. It feels flimsy, but i haven't had any problems with it yet. I much prefer the feel of the Jetstream 4+1, but it doesn't have the same ink versatility.

Instead, I'm using this pen with the gel inks until i can cut the ink down to fit in my Jetstream 4+1. That way i get the ink quality and versatility of the Style Fit, but the build quality of the Jetstream 4+1.
This is my new favorite...
January 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is my new favorite pen!!! it has 5 slots to insert ink refills and the clickey part slides smoothly. It also stays down when pushed all the way (rather than randomly unclicking).

I think the only downside is that you must buy the ink recommended for this pen and the ink could use some improvement. Though the colors are nice and vibrant (and there is a large variety of colors, the ink could be smoother.
But regardless, this is the perfect pen for me to take notes with for my economics class.
Best pen in the world!...
May 8, 2012
Verified Purchase
Best pen in the world! 4 colors of ink + a pencil and smooth writing gel ink in a super fine point so I can write tiny. What more could a resident possibly want? I've got two - one with standard colors for work, one with pretty colors for studying. I have a mini heart attack when I misplace the thing.
Not good. A great...
September 27, 2011
Verified Purchase
Not good.

A great looking pen. Feels great in the hand. Love the look of the inks through the plastic....


Springs are way too weak. Most Japanese multipens have incredibly weak springs...but these take the cake.

Gel ink last no time. The one cartridge I've used most...perhaps three pages of already out of ink. Given the cost of refills...I would avoid the gel ink and perhaps the pen.
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