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4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  These are great additions..., May 31, 2012
These are great additions to the multi-pen lineup, been using several for a while with good results.

Some of the reviewers seem to have issues refilling the lead, using the "Syringe-style" where you hold down the clicker and carefully load the lead through the tip. This was how I nerve-wrackingly did it for over a year, until just a few minutes ago, when I found out that you can gently pull the metal tube of the barrel away from the the spring/tip component, and drop the leads right in. I feel a bit the dunce, but better late than never, right?

Also, I use three of these in the same Style-fit 3-pen, to have regular, red, and blue leads available, and it works wonderfully. Really nice to be able to consolidate three pencils into one.

3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  In response to the review..., October 28, 2009
In response to the review by war, I'm sorry if you (or any other readers) got the impression that I do not own the product. I had purchased and used the pencil before I made the review.

I meant that I would have preferred the product be refillable in the same manner as most pre-loaded mechanical pencils are refilled, as in, not by pushing a piece of lead through the writing tip with the clicker held down, but through the non-writing end. The non-writing end of the pencil is actually closed off by the attachment of a plastic piece which holds the pencil in place within the pen body.

I could understand why this pencil has such a limitation, since there is so little room to spare inside the pen body as it is. I am otherwise delighted to have this product available to me. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. If it makes everyone happy, I've given the product 4 stars this time around.

war is correct; it is filled with 3 leads. The leads feel harder than HB, which makes sense, since a softer lead with more graphite and less clay runs out more quickly. It creates a lighter line, but the line does not smudge as easily.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  Im using 3 of these in..., April 5, 2012
Im using 3 of these in my 3 color pen. They all work perfectly despite one of the previous reviews. The lead clicks out perfectly on each one. Ive also tested 5 of them on the 5 color pen with the same good result. It also fits in the single color pen, which also works as advertised.
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  Thanks for the helpful..., November 6, 2009
Thanks for the helpful info, chris6283kim. I was afraid the pencil would have been too fragile for me to attempt separating the spring component from the lead sleeve, but it came apart without any problems. This pencil deserves 5 stars! If you're on the fence about this purchase, jump off and buy it now.
  So long as you are careful..., February 19, 2012
By phi...
So long as you are careful and patient, this pencil component is easily refilled and reconfigured. Better yet, now there are style/fit bodies with erasers, so you can advance the lead from any slot. Presumably this means you can now install several in the same body. The only problem is a little noise while writing, but that is the fault of the body, not this component.
1 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  @idriveajeed Actually,..., November 19, 2011

Actually, if you hold where the spring and gold colored metal is with one hand, and the other hand on the tube, then pull, it comes apart to put the lead in.

I love this pencil, but just so everyone knows, you can only have one of these per style-fit pen. You have to put in in the slot attached to the clip so you can pump the lead out.
  Also, I ordered 4 of..., April 28, 2010
Also, I ordered 4 of these and they all came loaded with 2 full pieces of lead.
  i agree with the previous..., April 5, 2010
i agree with the previous writer... VERY sturdy. however, i only recieved 1.5 pieces of lead, which is kinda a bummer :(
  This pencil component..., December 14, 2009
This pencil component is very sturdy, unlike the TEC Pencil lead component. Separation of two barrel ends easy for pencil refill. Great addition to this multi pen.
1 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I love the Style Fit..., November 6, 2009
I love the Style Fit Multipen! For those of you still confused about refilling the pencil, there is a way to load more lead into the pencil component. You simply remove the pencil component from the multipen, then you just separate the two pieces that compose the pencil component. You will not be breaking the pencil component at all, only separating the lower part of the pencil with the spring from the upper part that acts as a protective sleeve for the lead. I would recommend no more than 3-4 pieces of lead, however, as there is not much room inside the sleeve.

A note about the number of pieces of lead you get in the pencil component, I actually only received 2 pieces in my pencil component. I guess the reviewer before me was lucky he got 3 pieces.

But, there you go! You do NOT need to buy extra pencil components (unless you want to), you can refill the pencil with your own 0.5 mm lead.
  In response to IDriveAJeed,..., October 20, 2009
By war...
In response to IDriveAJeed, the description clearly states, "The mechanical pencil is pre-filled with Uni-ball NanoDia Low-Wear pencil leads." Plural.

And now we are both guilty of writing a review for a product we don't own. Though I'm here to buy one not just complain without reading the descrip.
  Writes nicely. No problems...., September 4, 2009
Writes nicely. No problems. Functions like a regular mechanical pencil.

My annoyance is that the pencil appears to be loaded with a single piece of lead without any convenient way to refill, except to buy another, or, if possible, and I haven't tried this yet, push a new piece of lead in through the front with the clicker held down.

Seems a bit wasteful, so the 3 stars are only because I expected that I could refill it. Otherwise, a decent multi-pen mechanical pencil. It would have been 4 stars otherwise. I'd buy it again.
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  I think this is a pretty..., April 28, 2010
I think this is a pretty sturdy pencil component. It's scary to take apart at first - if you look closely at the metal tube about half an inch above the spring, you can see a small seam where the parts overlap. Pull hard and they'll separate, but you have to be very careful: if you don't keep them perfectly straight, the lead pieces inside can break.

These components work really well with the pen. The very tip of the cartridge has a small ring that can't go past the tip of the pen body, so after the pencil tip is already down, you just press the pen's button down a little more to make tiny clicks that advance the lead inside the cartridge. It's easy once you try it.