Uni Whitia Correction Pen - Green Body

Uni Whitia Correction Pen - Green Body

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Finally, here's a correction fluid that's functional AND cool looking! The Uniball Whitia is retractable, stylish and in a pen-shaped form for extra precision.

Customer Reviews

I used it for one day...
June 16, 2012
Verified Purchase
I used it for one day and the next day it started leaking. Then when i tried to fix it it broke and now the liquids dried out and when i push the retraction button thing the green part you unscrew bounces off. It might be that mine just got messed up from shipping or maybe i just pushed it too hard but honestly I just wasted $4.25.
I had first bought one...
January 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
I had first bought one of these because I had never seen anything like it. After sketching and drawing in red ink for for long, I used these to cover any unwanted lines. the first pen I had did great, but the second batch I ordered was more touch and go. I recomend them if you have al ight hand, since pushing down too hard will give you the double lines mentioned in previous reviews. This works better than the standard white out pen though, and lasts for quite a long time. Over all, I enjoyed this product.
First, it is awesome...
May 4, 2006
Verified Purchase
First, it is awesome looking, and i am super partial to retractables!

The design and mechanism is a bit interesting. the white out cartridge is similar to that of gel pens. They managed to make it so you dont have to shake the damn thing every time you use it.

The flow of the white out depends greatly on how hard you push it. but be warned, you dont have to push very had to get whiteout out. In fact, for quite awhile i kept on pooling white out onto my paper. so white out with a constant controlled pressure for the best result.

The problem with this though is that the whiteout does dry out on the tip, making it difficult to start and difficult in making white out even. To solve this you may want to rub off the dried white out off the tip, or scribble with it on another piece of paper. (dont worry it wont get on your hands if it is DRY).

To make the white out look at its best, use a zig zag pattern like \/\/\/, and not swirlies. This is because it dries fairly "fast", and when you go over the same region again, it will not only make it thicker, but cause ripples and such.

And my final words about this is that, unlike other retractables, you dont have to worry about the ink drying up if you dont retract it. BUT, be careful to retract it back in its sheath before storing it, because the tip is very prone to leaks if something presses against it. you dont want to ruin other pens or your favorate bookbag with this.
I didnt want to say that...
February 26, 2011
Verified Purchase
I didnt want to say that because its VERYYYY cute, but, really, it just doesnt work AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This thing is so lame,...
August 10, 2010
Verified Purchase
This thing is so lame, whenever you try to make a correction, it writes in two lines rather than one, and there's nothing where you intended to make the correction in the first place. Because of this, I never use it. Overall; a complete waste of money :(