Uni-ball Jetstream Premier Ballpoint Pen - 1.0 mm - Silver

Uni-ball Jetstream Premier Ballpoint Pen - 1.0 mm - Silver

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Uni-ball Jetstream ink is touted as enabling "smooth writing that becomes a habit." Regardless of writing pressure and speed, Jetstream pens write smoothly with low resistance, dispensing crisp, vivid lines. The quick-drying ink prevents smears, which is great for lefties. The Premier features an innovative air-click mechanism for soft touch retraction. The clicker design is modern and cool, with a dash of black peeking through. The clicker button stays in place even when the pen tip is extended, so it doesn't rattle around. You can write comfortably using the pen's contoured and ribbed grip to fully enjoy the bold line and jet black ink.

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I have become a big fan...
August 3, 2015
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I have become a big fan of the Jetstream line of products but always wanted the comfort that a larger barrel provides. This fills the bill perfectly for me. While the 1.0 mm ink that comes with the pen is great, I prefer a finer line. I swapped in a 0.7 mm refill and now have a new everyday pen for all of my work needs.
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At first I didn't properly...
September 27, 2015
At first I didn't properly appreciate this pen.

I had initially fallen in love with Uni-Ball pens thru their delicious though ginormous 1.0 mm 207 Impact (TM) line. At first I barely paid attention to these sicks of utility I grabbed from my work, a large & dysfunctional urban school district. Hurriedly looking for anything but the cheapest imports from China I decided to try this trendy thing- prob a piece of junk like everything else provided for us. Imagine the faculty's surprise as word slowly, but then faster and faster raced around the building about this gem of a find...soon people were- well I would call it hoarding, but it was downright stealing that Im quite sure was going on...Soon, I was looking them up at Staples and was aghast at my ignorance when I saw the price tag of ~20.00/box. Obviously a big mistake had been made and the administrators secret catalog had slipped into someone's hands because these pens are the most luxurious item any mere teacher can ever ever expect from my workplace ever ever again.

Oh- so anyway- this pen is really good too in a similar but different vein. I do hope the ink doesn't run as easily as with the 207's their ONE weakness!! (Thank goodness they prevent check fraud though because I write so many of those!!)
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Professor PJ