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I did not actually purchase...
July 5, 2012
I did not actually purchase this product from Jetpens, but I have a pen that looks EXACTLY the same as the one in the picture. Jetstream Sport 1.0mm tip in blue.
It's definitely the quality that you would expect from a Jetstream. Very smooth and very dark writing, the pen glides across paper and leaves a solid line. Writes very well until the last "drop" of ink. The pen looks very nice in my opinion. I took off a star because this pen is thinner, the grip isn't as comfortable for me. There are small ridges along the side of the pen with the clip, you can see in the photos what I'm talking about. It adds to the sleek design, but because the pen is thinner on the bottom than on the top in that place, it may be annoying to try to hold the pen. If you rotate your pen while writing, then this will definitely be noticeable and if you're picky, you will get distracted from your writing. Not good. The clip is plastic and although I haven't broken mine, it doesn't seem like it will survive an accidental step on it. The clip is not tight, but an upside is that it's easier to clip to a shirt pocket or something like that. I actually like the clip, it adds to the design of the pen while being functional. It just doesn't seem too durable.
The ink cartridge is thin, so the ink doesn't last that long, I took about 40 to 45 pages of journal entries with this pen before it ran out.
(Sidenote: I said the pen made solid lines, but sometimes it leaves some spots lighter than others. Check the sample writing picture and you'll get what I mean)
Whether or not you should buy this pen depends. If you're looking to add a low-cost pen for free shipping, then this is a good candidate. However, I don't recommend this pen over the Energel X, which is cheaper and is a very good gel pen with vivid ink and a much better grip.
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