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i dont get it, jetpens...
August 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
i dont get it, jetpens will give you the pencil, a little pack of lead, and two extra erasers for a lower price than if you bought the pencil alone. overall a great pencil, elegant, pro design, and one of my favorite pencils next to the shift pipe lock from uni
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I tend to be a skeptic...
November 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
I tend to be a skeptic and wondered how this pencil would really work. I was perfectly happy with another pencil , but my curiosity got the best of me and so I ordered this as well as one in the 0.3 size.

I like a softer lead and was continually having to turn my pencil to get a good, clean, edge, so I thought that if this worked it would be great! Much to surprise this really does work, and it works well. No more turning the pencil to find a sharp edge. !

The pencil itself it very lightweight - which is not a bad thing. The grip is shaped/ridged, although it does not show up well in images - your fingers don't slip on smooth plastic. A cushioned grip would be wonderful, but it would not/will not effect my surprised delight in using this pencil.

This package deal is really excellent! This pencil may have spoiled me because using another pencil that does not maintain it's point would be difficult now!
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The leads in these last...
September 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
The leads in these last forever! Months, I think! And the certainly do not break. I can attest wholly to that.
However, though I've watched the little ratchet-thingie making its circle around the pencil, just like the package said it would do, I have yet to see the point of the lead come to, well, a point. I thought the idea of the mechanism was to round off all the flat or straight edges on the lead so it wouldn't catch on the paper (& break from that). Hmmm. My lead has not broken. but I still get flat edges from time to time.
Here again, I think it's a case of Operator Malfunction: I noticed that, when writing with this for any length of time, I tend to put the pencil down when I pause, & when picking it up, I naturally spin it a little between my fingers - because I don't like to use a flat edge, anticipate a flat edge when I pick up a pencil & therefore correct for it automatically! So I'm subverting the action built into the pencil by doing it myself, & turning up all those flat edges on my own. How wet can one get? Even when I don't put the pencil down, I've caught myself turning it, just a tiny bit, you understand, but apparently enough to throw Kuru Toga off its own precise little spin. I don't think I'm going to un-learn something like 30 years-worth of near daily mechanical pencil use - taught to me by dear old draftsman dad - in anything like a short time, but I think this Operator Misfunction is worth passing on:
If it seems like your spiffy new pencil isn't spinning the point like you expected it to, check your hand motion. You may have been correcting for the "flat lead presentation" all along, by twisting the pencil just a bit between your fingers before starting on a next word, line, curl, whatever. Thus, you're doing the pencil's work for it, probably frustrating it to no end, and coming up with flat leads when you'd expected them to be gone from your life, as I had.
Oh, well. Maybe we should start a twirling fingers support group?
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Kind of a 4.5 - the grip...
July 22, 2012
Verified Purchase
Kind of a 4.5 - the grip is odd, but useable, I may try a High Grade one. But as for the pencil itself, and the mechanism? Like another reviewer, I find I'm not using anything else. I tend to have a heavy hand when writing, especially in pencil - like I expect it to be BLACK like a pen, darn it. :) But I was doing a large amount of writing in pencil last week, scheduling, and two days in, I realized I hadn't broken the lead, not once. It may possibly be a higher-quality lead than I normally have, but I don't think that's all of it, if any at all. Pleasantly surprised that the mechanism isn't a gimmick.
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You get lead! This pencil...
November 20, 2010
You get lead! This pencil is just the best. Its light and I think just the right thickness. When I draw, thats the exact opposite of what I want but when I'm taking notes, it's just so nice. I think I would get angry and stop focusing if I went back to a normal pencil. Everything about this pencil feels great. Even the knock. The only thing that I'm not fond of is how there is a little suspension, less than a millimeter, but it is necessary for the turning mechanism so get used to it. There's no reason not to get spoiled by this pencil. Just buy it now.
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Starter set is a great...
April 6, 2016
Verified Purchase
Starter set is a great value. Wonderful quality too!
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This was my first Kuru...
March 28, 2016
Verified Purchase
This was my first Kuru Toga pencil. It's amazing and I've ordered two more starter sets to use as stocking stuffers next Christmas.
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Where has this mechanical...
September 5, 2015
Verified Purchase
Where has this mechanical pencil been all my life? I love it, no more broken leads. I like how smoothly it writes and the eraser is good too. I think I may have to upgrade so a fancier version of this pencil. Thanks Jetpens for offering this starter set, now I know how great these pencils are.
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When I first heard of...
January 12, 2015
Verified Purchase
When I first heard of the Kuru Toga pencils, I was skeptical - I expected that this pencil's unique lead rotating mechanism would either not work at all or would be very noticeable and annoying. After using the pencil for some time now, I can say that it most definitely works - chisel tips on the lead are totally non-existent. The "Kuru Toga Engine" mechanism was noticeable at first, but I found myself intentionally applying more downward writing pressure than usual in order to test / feel the mechanism working. Once the novelty wore off and I just started picking up the pencil and using it as I would any other, I barely notice it at all. Even with light pressure (for me, anyway), the mechanism still works and rotates the lead as advertised. This starter set is a total no-brainer: you get a pencil with spare leads and erasers for less than the standard Kuru Toga pencil alone.
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This is a great lead...
April 17, 2013
This is a great lead pencils that suits my everyday needs. It is perfect for taking notes and the lead that came with it never broke once. The rotating mechanism works as advertised. This is my new favorite lead pencil and i highly recomend you get one to.
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