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This pen is my new favorite...
January 6, 2014
This pen is my new favorite for use with a Moleskine. The ink flow is buttery-smooth, but the .7mm point still allows for my medium-smallish handwriting to be legible. The brown/black is easy on the eye, with more brown than black. I find this tint is quite a bit more readable than than the true black pens I usually use, such as the Pilot precise V5. But this ink is incredibly slow to dry, slower than any other gel or rollerball I own. I imagine Lefties will have problems with it. I have resorted to using a 3x5 blotter card under my left hand to hold down the page of my pocket journal. But the pleasant tint and supremely smooth feel (on Moleskine paper, at least) are worth the hassle of slow drying ink for me.
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I love the rich brown...
October 25, 2015
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I love the rich brown black ink in this pen. It is very dark but just brown enough for you to see that it isn't black. I use it in place of my black pens when I am tired of seeing black notes. The ink runs very smoothly and nice.
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