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November 9, 2014
Love these pens. The...
Verified Purchase
Love these pens. The ink is a soft, almost paint-like texture. The green is gorgeous.

October 17, 2014
Like this a lot, very...
Verified Purchase
Like this a lot, very smooth.

April 4, 2012
Writes very
Verified Purchase
Writes very the color. One of my favorite pens.

July 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
I'm in LOVEEEEEEEEEE with this pen! One of the most, if not THE MOST gorgeous writing pens I own. The color is beautiful, like a sea green, or emerald. I bought this pen to try is out, and now I'm back to buy another one and more colors! If your a pen freak and you love gel pens, BUY THIS. It will change your life.

July 17, 2009
restock please!! i love...
restock please!!
i love these pens!

March 31, 2008
I'm a big pen freak (thank...
Verified Purchase
I'm a big pen freak (thank you Jet Pens!!), and these pens are by far the best opaque pen I've ever used. The colors are vibrant on black paper, and you don't have to write super slow to get an excellent result. They don't skip, run or blotch. ILOVE them.

January 18, 2008
This line of pens is...
Verified Purchase
This line of pens is excellent! One of my favorite black paper gels! Nice vibrant colors and smooth opaque writing. This green color is also unlike any gel pen color I've seen and it's my favorite in the bunch. A very vibrant deep seafoam color. Beautiful! Thanks for such fast shipping, too, Jet Pens!