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  Yes, it's a specialized..., August 29, 2011
By ebe...
Yes, it's a specialized pen, and I don't think it would be comfortable for extensive writing sessions. (I'd suggest the Hi-Tec-C .25mm for that.) But I needed something this fine for annotations and small details in my sketchbooks. This pen has performed beautifully for three years now, on a variety of papers. A big plus for me is that the ink is absolutely waterproof, unlike the Hi-Tec-C's. So I can go over my drawings with watercolors without any fear of the color running.
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I bought this pen because..., March 13, 2012
By ri8...
I bought this pen because I happen to write small. (Less than 1mm text height to put this into perspective.) It definitely does its job very well as a small writing pen. I use this for all my classes, from writing notes between lines and writing entire essays on 6 lines of wide ruled paper.

- The thin tip enables you to write thinner, smaller, and also in between lines.
- It also has excellent ink flow so you can write pretty fast with a pen this thin.

- It runs out of ink rather quickly. Buy lots of refills if you want this pen to last. In my opinion, it's a price I'm more than willing to pay to write this small.
- If the pen is dropped tip first, it may start to bleed out ink. Not only will that make your line thicker than 0.18mm, it will waste ink as you write.

As a side note, if you lend these pens out to other people, tell them not to write on their hands if they are heavy handed. (They’ll cut themselves.) Also, some students (AP students in particular) may want to buy these pens from you. Either redirect them to this website or buy some extra to give away or sell.
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  Nice pen to own. .18mm..., April 16, 2011
By dre...
Nice pen to own. .18mm size requires a slower hand to lay down proper ink flow but with patience is well worth the payoff. Unique +
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  What a pen, my friends,..., September 7, 2012
What a pen, my friends, what a pen.... Think on this for a moment, the tip on this pen is, quite possibly, the smallest all metal nib made. You can ink very small, very thin lines with this, in fact, if you go too fast, you leave nothing but an indent in the paper. What makes this pen shine for me is the fact that you can use speed and pressure variations and whatnot to create even smaller and thinner lines than you ever could make with a felt tipped copic that is .05mm. It takes a fast yet gentle and painstakingly careful hand to work with that tiny copic. This uni ball signo bit is a beautiful thing because it costs less, much less, is very sturdy compared to the copic felt tip, and is relatively easily replaced.

Now, that said, the ink goes quick, like a reviewer said, because uni ball is cutting costs and putting less in. I just got it out of the package, and it was half empty. Not only do they put less in, but the space which contains the ink is ludicrously thin as well. The pocket clip has not broken yet, but I put zero trust in it due to the ominous rattlings coming from it. Refills are, actually, quite expensive, just a little less than the full pen itself.

In conclusion, I would only get this for annotation or drawing, and I would, and will, get it again.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  For the last few years..., August 31, 2012
By Ngrefe
For the last few years these have been among my favorite pens and by far are the best of the micro-fine points on the market today. My review of the Uni-ball Signo Bit .18 can be be found at the link below:
  Wow - just Wow. Keep..., May 7, 2013
By ekw...
Wow - just Wow. Keep in mind that the "0.18" refers to eighteen one-hundredths of a millimeter, and there are about 25.4 millimeters to an inch, and you quickly come to the realization that calling this a "fine point pen" is an understatement of considerable magnitude. The engineering required to make a pen like this is noteworthy, but Uni-ball makes it even better by making a pen that writes clean, unbroken lines of extraordinary thinness. I actually had to look carefully to be sure ink was being deposited on paper. Want to transcribe a textbook onto a Rhodia Bloc No. 10 notepad? Most of a concerto onto one sheet of musical staff paper? Get a couple of these, and some refills, and you'll be ready to go.
  It is very useful to..., April 27, 2013
By roqz
It is very useful to own such a extra super mega fine pen, there are many situations when writing with a fine point is required.
  Before I bought this,..., March 14, 2013
Before I bought this, only 0.25 mm works for me because of my tiny handwriting......
It works very well:)
  This pen is not for everyone,..., July 19, 2012
This pen is not for everyone, but I love to draw with it. I use it to lay down my first reference lines in my pen and ink portraits. I also use it for very light cross hatched shading. It is as think as a very thin Rapidograph. I prefer to take this out with me sketching than the Rapidograph because if it breaks or is stolen I'm not losing a $15 pen.

I'd like a thicker more comfortable body for this pen. The body and grip area are very thin so I find myself reaching for thicker pens. I keep trying to jam this into other pen bodies, eventually i'll find a thicker one that it fits into.

If you are looking for a pen that will be good fro sketching out in the wild and don't want to take your more expensive rapidograph with you, this is a great pen to do it. The ink is a nice cool black, and different from the other Uniball micro tip pens but like the rest absolutely waterproof when dry. It also dries VERY fast.

I love this pen so much I just bought 3 refills for it.
  This is my favorite pen...., December 25, 2011
By fru...
This is my favorite pen. I would use an even finer tip pen if I could find one. I use it for journaling because I like the way it looks with a full page of text.

I am very sad to see the blue color go away. I would like to see more colors, not fewer. It would be even better if this company would make this tip available in a more substantial, aesthetically pleasing body or really great to see them make the refill to fit other companies pens.

If everyone would write to the manufacturer maybe this pen will not disappear from the market.
  I agree that it is not..., June 8, 2011
By ptl...
I agree that it is not perfect but it is far better than anything I can find that even comes close to the detail this is capable of. When it was new I had little trouble with it not flowing consistently. It is about out of ink and it has more dry spells. I am ordering refils. I also have a red pen that I don't use much. The red one is the same age and is almost full. I have yet to have any trouble with the red one.
I use this for writing in between the lines in my Greek Bible, so many words in the new testament are only used once, twice or three times in the entire New Testament I need a crutch.
  Everything has its use......, December 14, 2010
Everything has its use... this pen I've found to be a great substitute for pencil sketching. It works very well when you make lots of short strokes when drawing something, and like a pencil its tone varies considerably. It is indeed "moody" as one of the other reviewers said, but this is another word for "variable tone", which you can use to your advantage if you learn its workings.

The thickness of the ink can vary from very, very light, to a little thicker than the 0.25 Hi-Tec-C.

It's not very good at all for making big, long straight strokes - you want the 0.25 Hi-Tec-C for those.

It's also probably not great as a writing pen, since as I said, it's more for short sketching strokes, and writers tend to write each letter without taking their hand off the page... the other coloured inks of these 0.18mm models come out a lot more readily than the black, and are probably better for writing.
  It's a pretty good pen..., September 25, 2010
By mog...
It's a pretty good pen with some drawbacks.

The great thing about this is its fine point. It's about as fine as you'll ever need a pen to be. It's really great for getting really small details. As for the pen itself, it feels and looks really good. It's also pretty cheap so it's worth giving it a chance anyway.

One bad thing about this pen is the tip. I had to hold it almost straight down to get a really good ink flow and even so it's scratchy on the paper I used. All in all though it's a pretty decent pen for doodling and great pen for fine details.
  I really WANT to like..., August 9, 2010
By ksv...
I really WANT to like this model. I love really fine points; as a professional calligrapher, I find all kinds of strange uses for this kind of pen.

But I find the 0.18 somewhat difficult to use. First, it feels predictably scratchy (I just wish someone could solve this obvious problem). Second, the ink flow is far from steady--I've had no blotching, but it's decidedly moody about stopping and starting. Third, the sharp point slices right through correction tape and liquids. Honestly, it's more of a pen that you own because it exists, hoping it'll prove useful someday. Like if you need to protect national security by jotting down something on that handy grain of rice. Every CIA operative needs one. ;-)
  the point breaks too..., January 23, 2010
By bom...
the point breaks too easily and the ink pools and poops too much.
  i gave it 4 out 5 stars...and..., March 20, 2009
i gave it 4 out 5 stars...and 4 only because its IS the worlds smallest, after all! as for how it writes, well its not good for everyday use, however its wonderful for drawing small details. feels very scratchy when you write with it, but when you use it slowly, its great. a must-have for pen lovers; at least until an even thinner, even more rediculously small nib takes the new "worlds-smallest pen" title!
  I was hesitant about..., January 24, 2009
I was hesitant about buying this pen for a while, but I finally ordered one and I think it is amazing. I think if you enjoy writing very small or making fine, detailed drawings, you will enjoy using this pen. Otherwise, I think this pen might not be as appealing. It works extremely well for a point that fine. I think I'll get a lot of use out of it and look forward to picking up a few more colours.
  As everyone said here,..., November 26, 2008
As everyone said here, a few other things however.

- If you drop it on the tip, it pretty much dies. This has happened with 2 of my pens, so be careful.
- Ink runs out very fast, and it does drag terribly...
- Slightly lighter than the 0.38 I've used, but not really all that noticeable unless you're looking at the paper a cm away.
- Definitely not for everyday writing, sketching is okay, but the ink goes out rather fast after I'm done with drawing a picture.
- I find it best if you write with it upright... sometimes it annoys me but you get used to it.

I reccommend the 0.38 for everyday, and I have yet to buy the 0.28! ♥
  BEST PEN EVER!!! Perfect..., October 17, 2008
BEST PEN EVER!!! Perfect for fitting everything you learned on a cheat sheet for school. the tip never broke or bent. (i write kind of hard) the color wasnt bright, but you can still see it, being the tiny tip that it is. not to be used with carbon copy papers. the tip is way to thin for that. you wont be able to see anything on the page. Overall... the BEST PEN EVER!!!
  The uni-ball Signo bit..., August 28, 2008
The uni-ball Signo bit is indeed the world's thinnest pen. It is however not an everyday sort of pen. The nib is just too fine. Wider nibbed versions of this pen may be better suited for everyday writing, but I do not have any experience with any other Signo bit other than the 0.18mm version. The pen is rather persnickety. It of course drags the worst of any gel pen I've ever used due to it's tiny nib. It also takes this pen a bit to "warm up". It seems to right better after have written a few words but once it gets started it seems to write well. The sizing on the paper also plays a factor here, as it does with every gel pen. The more porous the paper, to a degree, the better the bit seems to write.

For a "stick pen" the bit is a bit short. When writing the end of the cap rests in the upper part of the web of my hand. I don't like the feel of that. The rubber and ribbed grip area is alright, affording me a good grip. Lastly the ink supply seems to me to be a little shy. Overall the bit is a nice little novelty pen but not a very good every day pen, at least in the 0.18mm size.
  They are extremely fine. REAL..., July 19, 2008
They are extremely fine.
REALLY FINE. It's fun to see how small one can write with them.
They are rather scratchy though, and it feels like they get thin and then thicker, so the consistency is not that great.

It is good for a novelty pen, but I won't ever see myself actually writing with this on a regular basis.
  These pens are great!..., May 18, 2008
These pens are great! You can write so small with them (actually works on rice). For some reason the blue is a lot thinner than the black, but they are great. A lot of people said that they break easily, but i found that not to be the case (and i write pretty hard). I would definitely recommend them.
  they are totally awesome!!..., May 12, 2008
they are totally awesome!! i just bought them and fell in love with them!! they are perfect for taking notes in class and writing in planners... the only problem i have with them is that their ink kinda runs out alittle too fast... one week of intensive writing class notes and i need more refills...
  they are incredibly fine..., March 24, 2008
they are incredibly fine however, they are not smooth at all. the pilot hi-tec c's are much smoother and with only a .25 point they offer the same precision. as always jetpens has excellent service and care.
0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I was very excited to..., April 5, 2012
I was very excited to get this pen but frankly I was extremely disappointed. Although the pen tip is extravagantly thin which I like about it, it barely writes. The ink only comes out for portions of the time which really makes this pen inconvenient and hard to use. Truly a waste of money.