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I purchased and tried...
June 24, 2010
I purchased and tried each type of erasable pen offered at JetPens (three different Frixions, the Uni-ball Fanthom, and this Uni-ball Signo) and the Uni-ball Signo was far and away the worst of the bunch.

It looks nice and it's convenient to have the eraser on the cap so you don't have to remove the cap every time you want to erase, and it writes adequately (-- not great, but adequate), but the erasability was very poor: the eraser only served to fade the ink rather than erase it, and it was the only erasable pen wherein the eraser wore down notably as you used it.

The other erasable pens (Frixions, Fanthom) actually are erasable, and I tried mixing erasers and pens (using the Signo to erase a Fanthom, and using the Frixion to erase the Signo, etc.), and found both the Signo's eraser and the pen itself to be very poor at erasing/being erased.

Stick to the Frixions or the Fanthoms.
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I didn't actually expect...
August 15, 2006
Verified Purchase
I didn't actually expect this pen to work. I remember the "eraseable" pens from the late 80s, and how the eraser would wear a hole in the paper before actually erasing the ink. Hope springs eternal, though, and this time, it was worth the wait. The pen writes smoothly, the ink is a medium blue, and, though it does not completely disappear when erased, it certainly erases well enough to fix an "oops" here or there. I was pleasantly surprised, and will probably order some more when they're back in stock.
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Lovely pen!...
February 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
Lovely pen!
Please, stock some black...
May 16, 2007
Verified Purchase
Please, stock some black color too !!!
Any reviews? Can jetpens...
July 25, 2006
Any reviews? Can jetpens restock this i want to buy it? (Not Rated)
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