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November 24, 2014
I love these pens. This...
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I love these pens. This color is one of my favorites. The lighter blue is kind of too light and matches the lines to my college ruled notebook paper. This one is moderately bright and very legible.

November 9, 2014
Absolutely love these...
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Absolutely love these pens. Bright ink, and nice smooth writers! And retractable points!

October 25, 2014
This is a wonderful pen...
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This is a wonderful pen to have handy when you want to write small and the paper is too absorbent for a fine nib fountain pen. The cartridge comes sealed so it is fresh when you get it. The retractable pint means no cap to worry about. I use it in my Day-Timer and other notebooks with very narrow line spacing. On wide-ruled paper, I find that the writing looks too thin and the point is not as smooth as a fine nib fountain pen. I rate it as five stars because it is in the top 10% of pens I use regularly.

October 17, 2014
Favorite pen...
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Favorite pen

February 20, 2013
I'm relatively new to...
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I'm relatively new to the world of micro pens. The other micro pens I have are the mach IIs which are liquid ink and 0.4, the mach III (not on jetpens) which is 0.38 liquid ink, and the stylefit 0.38 gel. I will say that I am impressed with this pen. It does not skip and is pretty smooth, not to mention it's cheaper than the stylefit and has a larger ink refill. The ink refill isn't as big as it looks because the plastic walls of the refill are thick, but I'm pretty sure there's more ink than in a stylefit single refill. If you want an all purpose thin pen, I'd say based off my first impressions of writing that this is the pen for you. I haven't had this for a long time, but I am optimistic that it will turn out to be a great everyday usage pen.

January 25, 2012
This pen has the best...
Verified Purchase
This pen has the best "bright" blue color !

It's ink is not too dark, not too soft. Sarasa blue is too dark & Signo Light Blue is too pale for my eyes. This Uni-ball Signo RT Blue has the most beautiful blue color. I'm only using Signo RT Blue Black & this Blue for everyday use, for journaling, note taking, and drawing. Signo RT is the best pen... : )


December 2, 2009
These are my everyday,...
These are my everyday, go-to pens. I ordered a box of them six months ago and have been using them in a primary role ever since. I use them primarily at work, where I'll take notes, sketch designs and diagrams, markup drawings, and make notes in small notebooks.

The gel ink flows smoothly and looks great in blue. This is the same as the rest of Uniball's Signo line, although it tends to smear less while drying due to the smaller line. I like the shape and texture of the grip and the minimalist style of the pen. It writes very well, and is extremely precise. Sometimes it can skip, but generally only when writing large and quickly. Since most of my writing is smaller and precise, this pen fits perfectly.


November 8, 2009
Smoothness: okay Precision:...
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Smoothness: okay
Precision: okay
Weight: light
grip feeling: okay
cushion: solid

Overall: Okay. I personally prefer Pilot G-Knock Retractable Gel Ink Pen - 0.38 mm
for better grip and better nonslip feature of the cushion.

May 11, 2009
Feels great on paper....
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Feels great on paper. A little scratchy but perfect for jotting down very quick + short notes. I think it would make taking long notes really really slow so i would stick to the .5mm model which I love. either the UM-100 or the UM-151.

May 3, 2009
for a .3mm tip, it's...
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for a .3mm tip, it's scratchy but it's the least scratchy out of the other .3mm pens i've tried - including the hi tec c coleto. i would prefer this pen over the hi tec c. lines are nice, thin, clean and controlled.