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3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  Amazing, amazing, amazing...., March 14, 2011
By blu...
Amazing, amazing, amazing. Perfect point, beautiful dark purple color, comfortable barrel. Thanks JetPens!!
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  Love this pen! The color..., May 4, 2011
By mar...
Love this pen! The color is gorgeous, and it writes like a dream. Just ordered two more :)
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  I love the color of this..., January 3, 2013
I love the color of this pen--so much so that I didn't realize until I tested it against my Uni-ball Vision Elite Micro (0.5mm) purple pen that they were the exact same color of ink! So now I have two of the same color, just different widths. If you're looking for this color in a wider width, try the Vision Elite in micro or bold (0.8mm) in purple.
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  I love the light, ergonomic..., December 20, 2012
By ang...
I love the light, ergonomic style of this pen and the fact that the soft grip extends further down the barrel. The barrel is just right, not too slender or too chunky. The best part of all is the fabulous ink color that is suitable for the office as well as more informal venues. The ink is waterproof, writes smoothly, is highly readable and easy on the eyes, and never skips. My only wish is for a greater ink supply.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  This pen is simply awesome...., March 4, 2012
This pen is simply awesome. The colour is beautiful and it's really smooth too. Writing with such a smooth fine point makes my normally terrible handwriting mildly legible. I'm definitely buying a multicolour set of these on my next order to replace my G-Tec-C set.
  Writes very beautiful,..., May 9, 2013
By gam...
Writes very beautiful, and very smooth, glides on the paper i bought two and both stopped writing about half way. now i have a pen that doesnt write and has a barrel half full of ink :/ .it might have been the paper i used. i used it at work on copier paper. if you will be writing on cheap or regular paper i would not recommend it. it was nice while it lasted.
  Not as good as the Signo..., November 27, 2012
Not as good as the Signo UM-151 capped pens. These retractable versions don't write as smooth and you have to press down harder in order for it to write continuously. The lavender purple black is a nice color though.
  3-stars, compared to: i..., October 3, 2012
3-stars, compared to:

i compared this pen to it's .38 and .28 uni signo DX cousins, as well as a .4 hitec-c and a .3 hitec-c, on the following paper types:

- doane graphed notepad
- moleskin lined notepad (best)
- crappy ol' yellow notepad

despite being a real pleasure to write with, this pen was more wet, glossy, and slightly blotchy in comparison to it's cousins and competitors, especially at smaller fonts/letters (yes, i wrote in small and large sentences for a day to compare them!) i found that while scribbling large, fast letters, this pen started to perform better than at smaller, more casual note-taking sessions, but in those cases I preferred to reach for one of the DX or Hitec pens instead.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great pen and i hate to knock on it, but in respect to it's DX cousins and Pilot competitors, it wasn't my first choice. Your mileage may vary, enjoy!
  Wanted to give it 5 stars......, April 17, 2012
By lbusby
Wanted to give it 5 stars... but the ink supply runs out very quickly, compared to comparable pens, and there are no refills for my favorite colors! I love this pen, and the blue-black color also. But, I'm bummed I have to keep buying new ones so soon. Such a waste.
  Incredible pen. It feels..., February 8, 2012
By mpo...
Incredible pen. It feels good in your hand. It writes superbly well.
The ink color is fantastic.
  LOVELOVELOVE this pen!..., December 5, 2011
LOVELOVELOVE this pen! it's a beautiful dark purple ink, comfortable to write with, and the 0.38mm tip makes my handwriting look neater. my only gripe is that i used it for about 2 months and the ink started to skip even though the ink hasn't run out yet. i like this pen so much that i'll give it 5 stars anyway. i keep this pen in my cart so i can reorder them when i want.
  I love everything about..., October 14, 2011
By jda...
I love everything about this pen:
* the dark purple color is attractive and easy to read
* the barrel is the perfect size and type of non-slip grip
* the .38 point isn't the least bit scratchy and lays down a consistent line of ink

This has become my go-to pen and I'm back to order more colors!
  Great pen, amazing color...., February 9, 2011
Great pen, amazing color. I have not used a purple pen since middle school. But I wanted to try this one, seeing as the description is "Lavender Black." It did not disappoint. This color is rich and deep, and not at all a girly color.
  This is a great pen for..., February 5, 2011
By ang...
This is a great pen for making notes in my Moleskine planner; it's a great purple color, it's fine tipped but not so fine that I can't see my own writing, the tip is sturdy (I tend to bear down pretty hard while I'm writing, some of the finer tipped pens break), and I like not having a cap to lose. On cheaper paper it doesn't flow as smoothly, but otherwise it's an awesome pen.
  I got this .38 mm pen..., November 21, 2010
By CTL888
I got this .38 mm pen by mistake. I actually ordered the 0.5 in the same color. Oh well. But the the ink runs very smooth from this pen. The color of this ink is very unique. I really like it!
  Love, love, love this..., August 17, 2010
By gul...
Love, love, love this pen!!! Nice color. It is my favorite of my recent purchase from JetPens. --- I wish I had bought more than one.
  I've been trying many..., March 29, 2010
I've been trying many different gel writer pens. Of the major lines of pens, the Signo is my favorite because of the way that the tips lay the ink on the paper, the quality and look of the ink, and how the ball "sticks" less when you draw a long continuous line.

The only problem is that i hate the DX barrel. But I LOVE this one. The rubber grip is molded perfectly for an ideal "finger-to-tip" distance for maximal comfort and control. The grip isn't squishy by any means, yet is comfortable.

The barrel and retracting structures are good. The pen is solid and the tip stays firmly in place when protruding.

Now if only I could get this in .28... I would have my ultimate pen!
  I bought this pen because..., March 18, 2010
I bought this pen because it was purple and I wanted a good purplish (but not neon looking!) pen. I have a purple Pilot G-2 and the ink is practically neon so I'm not able to use it for school papers and stuff, but this one is perfect! It's my signature purple color and I can use it at school. I also love that the ink dries immediatly, because most gel pens I've used take time to dry or you smear the writing. Overall, I just love this pen and next time I need a new pen or just to order from this site, I'm gonna order another one.
  These have become my..., February 27, 2010
These have become my new everyday fave. I bought a few colors and now I am back for the pack. I will be getting extras of the ones I ordered too, the blue black and the lavender black. NICE!!!
  I love this pen. Well..., December 21, 2009
By tor...
I love this pen. Well I really love the color and how it writes. I was so sad when uni-ball discontinued this color in their DX line. I tried the Pentel Slicci Dark purple hoping that it would be comparable in color. I was sadly mistaken. There is nothing that comes close to Uni-Ball Signo DX or Rt in Lavender Black. I still say DX because I still own a few.
  Smoothness: okay Precision:..., November 8, 2009
By khb...
Smoothness: okay
Precision: okay
Weight: light
grip feeling: okay
cushion: solid

Overall: Okay. I personally prefer Pilot G-Knock Retractable Gel Ink Pen - 0.38 mm
for better grip and better nonslip feature of the cushion.
  This pen wrote super..., October 30, 2009
This pen wrote super nice and neat all the way until you are about to 3/4 done. Then it begins to skip and it sort of looses its smoothness and I wouldn't recommend it for fast writing. Other than that, the ink is super nice and dark violet. The grip is also nice.
  The instant favorite..., February 26, 2009
The instant favorite of my .3-.4mm gel pens. It writes a clean, smooth, dark line that is subtle enough for business use but distinctive. I am very pleased with it and plan on buying some more.

I wish that they would offer this color in a .8-1mm pen also.
  Great pen...writes very..., January 27, 2009
Great pen...writes very well, and the color is unique.
  I really like this pen,..., January 26, 2009
I really like this pen, and I am glad I got it while it was still in stock because it sold out fast.
I am really happy with this pen over all.