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September 4, 2015
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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all these pens. I get a lot of compliments. It's sharp, doesn't bleed and it makes my writing look so much neater!
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Great pen. Writes beautifully...
July 13, 2016
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Great pen. Writes beautifully and smooth even thought the tip is super fine. Love it!
Rapidly becoming a new...
February 14, 2016
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Rapidly becoming a new favorite. I used to be partial to the Signo 207 0.5, but this one is gaining lots of love. Even though it's finer, it's not less vibrant and readable. And the body shape is actually less hindering. With typical grips I find myself rotating the pen until it gets comfortable in my hand to start writing. Since this one is a smoother shape 360 degrees and matches the size of the rest of the body, I don't have to worry about that anymore. Also love how the clip is attached to the button with a flat surface.

Basically, a very well-designed pen for fine-tip taste.
Love the way this wr...
January 3, 2016
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Love the way this writes.
Very nice, smooth writing....
September 28, 2015
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Very nice, smooth writing.
Love the mix of these...
September 26, 2015
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Love the mix of these two colors. The pink gives it more of an accent on the black body. The 0.38 are a little more comfortable to write with than the 0.28 mm is. These are good for writing in small spaces.
Love these for cheap...
June 16, 2015
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Love these for cheap disposable pens. Love fine point with smooth writing.
Very nice ball point...
May 6, 2015
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Very nice ball point and it is convenient for notes on location but it does have the definite ball-point feel to my hand. The pen is very thin and smooth but it can scratch the paper and not a very smooth writer. Maybe thicker version in the series would be better... but then you could use fountain pens as well. Very good for a thin ball point pen, particularly if you don't mind that you have to apply a bit more pressure and feel more friction.
Like it...
November 3, 2014
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Like it
Smooth with a fantastic...
January 18, 2014
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Smooth with a fantastic grip. I spilt tea all over my notes and not a single letter was smudged. I would definitely buying more of this guy!
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