Uni-ball Signo UM-100 Gel Pen - 0.5 mm - Black

Uni-ball Signo UM-100 Gel Pen - 0.5 mm - Black

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Get all the colors for the popular Uni UM-100 pen line!

Known for its smooth flowing ink and its writing performance, the UM-100 pens are top notch pens hidden in an economical body form.

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This is one of the smoothest...
February 12, 2016
Verified Purchase
This is one of the smoothest pens I have ever written with! I usually only use .38 pens since my handwriting is very small, but this is a wonderful pen, and the price is incredible. Also, most gel pens smear with Zebra Mildliners, but this pen dries so fast that there is no smearing, which is mainly why I use it so much. The only downside is that the ink does tend to collect at the tip when its uncapped and so when you lift the pen for too long then go back to write, you'll get a blob of ink. Although, that's pretty minor and most pens do that anyway. Highly recommend this pen!!
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I bought these at a local...
February 28, 2015
I bought these at a local store around my house for two reasons, it had a lot of ink and it was a Signo. The 0.5mm tip bothered me somewhat as I usually use the Signos in the 0.28mm tip size. However, when I got home and began to use it, I saw that is was THE smoothest pen I had ever used in my life. The color was rich (probably due to the larger tip size) and the barrel was the perfect width. The pen is ridiculously long, longer than the UM-151's (Signo DX) by quite a bit. If they made this in a 0.38 tip size, imo that would be the perfect pen.
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Great value for what...
October 28, 2009
Verified Purchase
Great value for what you're getting. Very smooth, very nice. I'd be using these instead of the DX if they had this in 0.38. I actually prefer the pen without the rubber grip, since it makes the pen look more minimal. Often borrowed, rarely returned. Get more than one.
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OMG! These are my favorite...
August 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
OMG! These are my favorite pens to write with... and I write alot. So, it is important for me to have a smooth writing pen. I purchase alot of pens on a monthly basis and I don't see these particular pens around. I will admit I don't know there product Id's, so I am stuck trying to find them. I am thankful that Jetpens offers such a wide variety. if they didn't , I might not have found my favorite pens! It is a shame not being able to go local and find these pens, but I am thankful just the same to be able to order them...even if it is across the country.
Lovely pen!...
February 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
Lovely pen!