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2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  Awesome awesome awesome!..., April 15, 2011
Awesome awesome awesome! I bought these because of the fine tip, and was concerned about spending a lot of money on refills (reviews have said that the ink runs out really fast). It does run out, but I have gotten through an entire semester on two ink cartridges (and I take a LOT of notes). This is my go-to pen.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I thought that this 0.28..., February 24, 2011
I thought that this 0.28 tip was a little bit scratchy. I ordered both the 0.28 and 0.38, and I have to say that I like the 0.38 better.

The ink flow is very consistent and the pen tip is just like a normal pen, unlike the slicci which has a fairly sturdy tip and the hi tec c which has a unconventional tip that looks nice and doesn't break unless you write extremely hard.

I would say that this is a good pen for people who want to write small, and is definitely better than the hi tec c 0.25 tip, which is tedious to write with.

Either way, I probably won't buy this again, due to the scratchiness, but it IS a nice pen and is recommended for people who like very thin lines and dont mind the slight scratchiness as much.
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  I bought one of the Uni-ball..., January 10, 2013
I bought one of the Uni-ball Signo UM-151 .28 tip pens whilst visiting in Japan last year, but didn't try it until I returned to England. It was brilliant - fine smooth consistant line enabling me to get lots on a page when making notes. When the ink ran out I found I just couldn't get the same pen in Britain and hunted on the internet until, I found Jetpens.

I ordered both .28 + .38 tip pens and also refils - a little apprehensively as they were to come from the USA. My order and dispatch were both acknowleged by email and the items arrived safely within 10 days. They are absolutely identical to the one I bought in Japan. I'm highly delighted.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Amazing, surprisingly..., April 4, 2011
By marydo
Amazing, surprisingly smooth and comfortable to write with. Will definitely repurchase more and different colors.

Haven't had any trouble with it at all!
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I liked it a lot until..., April 1, 2011
By bug...
I liked it a lot until I got desperate one day and tried to use it to write on the back of my hand. The oil from my skin worked some evil magic and I haven't been able to get it to write again since. A sad waste of a good nib, but at least I can use the ink to refill my .38 Signo.
  This really does write..., August 19, 2014
This really does write puny. I use it to write in the margins of my Bible and it’s perfect. But it’s so tiny that sometimes the writing comes out very light.
Still, a great way to get in thin margins.
  I definitely enjoy the..., July 8, 2014
By lau...
I definitely enjoy the Signo. I have two in .28 and two in .5 - though I have NO idea why I bought .5 because I hate tips that large. Nevertheless, all of these are comfortable in the hand and smooth like Menudo. Will definitely buy more.
  I LOVED this pen when..., March 24, 2014
I LOVED this pen when I first received it. Wrote very well, and so smooth. However, it stopped working about a week after I used it, and I'm not sure why. I've only used it to write on paper.
  This pen is my all around..., November 6, 2013
By sgo...
This pen is my all around favorite for industrial design sketching. Makes clean, fine, sharp long fast lines on cheap multipurpose printer paper. Consistent. Pretty resistant to blobbing. Black is really black. Decently comfortable grip. Good balance. Cap is secure when on either end.

Love the whole UM-151 line - 0.28mm, 0.38mm, and 0.50mm. The blue-black, brown-black, and green-black are also great.
  Most excellent. I..., March 8, 2013
Most excellent.

I needed a pen with which I can take notes in my Bible. As Bible uses onion pages, they're very thin, and the text very small and narrow, so I needed something needlelike to take notes, but that also wouldn't bleed.

This pen fits perfectly. I'm able to take all the notes I want, and it isn't scratch on onion pages as, say, a 0.18 is.
  The Uni-ball Signo 0.28mm..., February 17, 2013
By jam...
The Uni-ball Signo 0.28mm pens have become my go-to note taking and form-filing pen. I love the super fine point, the great smoothness of the ink, and the feel of the pen. I have been using these pens for college courses, where I have to take complex notes in math and science. I have a selection of different colors in this pen line, but I use the black as my basic pen with the other colors for accentuating specific points or diagrams.

I found that I prefer these pens to the Pilot Hi-Tec-C and Pentel Slicci lines. The point has a much more sturdy feel while remaining very fine, accurate, and smooth.
  I bought the .28 and..., December 29, 2012
By bwa...
I bought the .28 and .18 black versions of this pen on the recommendation of the Penaddict. I love this pen (.28). And in my preliminary tests I prefer it over the .25 Hi-tec-c. Has a nice feelin grip. Writes in a nice smooth manner. I have not noticed any issues with ink flow. And the small cap is unlike anything you will find in the States. It snaps nice and tight into place. Buy a bunch of these you won't be disappointed. For those considering the .18 it's almost like a different pen, that extra fine nib does seem to have some flow issues and feels a bit scratchy.
  I love this pen! It writes..., November 30, 2012
By rachi
I love this pen! It writes quickly and smoothly, making clear, crisp lines.
It's comfortable to hold even for extended periods of time. I do find that the ink runs out relatively quickly if you're writing a lot, but refills are inexpensive so it's not much of a problem. The pen feels very sturdy but thin.
  WOW. I think I have a..., June 16, 2012
WOW. I think I have a new favorite pen. And it happens to be purple.
-This pen puts down a Tight. Clean. Sharp. Line. I have just tried out Slicci's and Hi Tec C's, and the Signo is outperforming them.
-Even more impressive, it writes very smoothly for a pen with this fine a point. Definitely not scratchy. It blows the Sarasa, Hi Tec C, and Slicci out of the water, in this regard.
-Despite being smooth, it's still easy to control. My handwriting looks amazing.
-The pen starts writing great after the first word or so. After that, I only notice it going out a few times (usually at the top of my e's). Barely noticeable.
-It has a wider barrel than most of its fine point competition, which makes it more comfortable. The grip is nice, but still a little hard.
-The Signo looks like it has a lot more ink than its competitors. I've written a lot with it, and the ink level has barely moved. Compare that to my .3 Slicci ink level, which plunges after every writing session.

I could see this pen being too fine for some, but not for me. And definitely a pen for good paper, like Clairefontaine 90g. I'm going to be buying a lot more of these.
  A few notes about my..., June 6, 2012
By ksa...
A few notes about my writing style:
I write quickly with a light touch and my normal print fits nicely on college ruled paper. I’m a righty and my handwriting is mediocre at best, so I tend to choose finer point gel/ball point pens to help with legibility. I don’t use liquid pens because they tend to spew ink when I twirl them while I’m thinking.

I liked the Signo 0.28 very much for its fine point and comfortable form factor. It is a bit scratchy at first but as you break it in, that feeling goes away and it writes a quite smoothly for an ultra-fine. The quality of the pen itself is superb but the grip starts a bit higher up than I would like, hence the 4 star rating. The cap fits snugly on both ends and the pocket clip doesn’t break even with moderate abuse. I got about 40 pages of dense writing out of one pen which is pretty much average for an ultra-fine gel.
  Fantastic pen for artists..., March 16, 2012
By art...
Fantastic pen for artists everywhere. I highly recommend both this and the Zebra Sarasa (0.3mm).
  I can't describe how..., January 20, 2012
By ihofer
I can't describe how much I like this pen. I have very small writing (a friends once described it "like a mouse writing with a pushpin dipped in ink") and this pen allows me to have clearly defined, legible, letters with no smudging. The lines are thin and crisp without the pen feeling scratchy - a problem I've had with other micro-tip pens like the Sarasa.

It sits well in my hand, which pushes it over the Slicci in my opinion. Compared to the Signo, the Slicci feels too small and slightly cheap.

I've only had a few issues with this pen. Once the nib was bent at the tip, making it unusable. This is my fault for rough handling. It probably bent when I dropped it, or if I put it in a bag without recapping it. Secondly, one of my older pens doesn't lay down as clear a line as it used to. It still writes, but the letters look faded, like it isn't depositing enough ink.

Still, gorgeous pen, I highly recommend it in any colour.
1 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I love this pen. I have..., September 11, 2011
By sam...
I love this pen. I have several in this size and refills to keep me going. I use it in art journaling quite often. It doesn't write over acrylic paint very well but if your using paper it works great. You can write in a lot since you can get such small lettering with it. I write very large normally but with this pen I seem to write smaller. It's a nice change. Would recommend to anyone who likes a fine line.
  I just found the perfect..., September 28, 2010
By tcl...
I just found the perfect pen for notetaking and charting (Nursing School)
After my love affair with the Signo Bit 0.28, decided to give these a try and I am now wondering "what took me so long to order these". I love the inkflow and balance. just wish the cap was a little longer for asthetic reasons. All in all this is the perfect pen for my needs. I am on my way to a box of ten right now!
  I just bought eleven..., August 25, 2010
I just bought eleven different kinds of pens and this is my favorite of the bunch. I scarcely have to use any pressure to produce a consistent fine line. Comfy to hold. My one concern is that when I store the cap on the back of the pen it seems a little loose there.
  I have used .25 Hi-Tec-C's..., March 23, 2010
I have used .25 Hi-Tec-C's and .25 Pentel Slicci's. They're both wonderful gel pens, but I think the Signo DX UM-151 is superior to both.

Although the Signo is not as slick as the Slicci, it has a thinner more consistent line. The pen feels like a Hi-Tec-C but the tip of the pen does not stick or catch on the surface paper like the Hi-Tec-C. The weight of the pen is wonderful and does not feel too thin like the Slicci's and Hi-Tec-C's sometimes do.
  Favorite pen of all time...., February 18, 2010
By ben...
Favorite pen of all time. Sturdy tip. Always smooth. I do wish they made a retractable tip, and that I didn't mow through them so fast. Near perfect.
  The Uni-ball Signo DX..., January 21, 2010
The Uni-ball Signo DX UM-151 (028) has become my new favorite pen. I tend to write small, with at least two lines of text for every traditional college ruled line. I previously used normal 0.5mm pens, however the paper we started using at the office apparently allows ink to bleed more than normal, and made my writing difficult to read. I bought an assortment of pens from 0.18 to 0.5 mm and tried them all out, with the Signo DX being the clear winner. The lines are smooth and don't bleed at all on the page.
  Best pen i've ever come..., December 6, 2009
By tom...
Best pen i've ever come across
0.28 tip looks very clean, i'm sure it also holds true for the bigger tip
Ink is striking to see

Note: put the cap on the other end when writing. Provides just enough weight so you don't have to exert any pressure on the paper. You can experiment on that
  I love these pens so..., October 12, 2009
I love these pens so much that I had colected all the colours! When I write it was so smooth. My classmates also colect these pens! Fun! Hope to see new colors coming out for sale soon... :)