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December 10, 2014
This has a fine clear...
Verified Purchase
This has a fine clear line for writing in small spaces. I couldn't do without it.

December 1, 2014
I have tried all the...
Verified Purchase
I have tried all the pens. This is consistently my favorite, the one I carry with me wherever I go, the one I use at work, the one I use for letters and for notes. It's just really smooth, consistent ink lines, perfect thickness, and never runs on any kind of paper.

November 28, 2014
My go to pen for my ...
Verified Purchase
My go to pen for my paperwork!

November 21, 2014
Finally, a Signo that...
Verified Purchase
Finally, a Signo that doesn't skip. Well, at least the one I got doesn't. A little scratchy, but writes consistently. Doesn't get stuck like the HiTech-C.

October 25, 2014
Writes impeccably smooth,...
Verified Purchase
Writes impeccably smooth, definately going to get refills for this pen

October 1, 2014
A very fine pen--literally....
Verified Purchase
A very fine pen--literally. It’s slightly smaller than my 0.30 pens, which is the smallest I’d go for daily writing. I tend to have small writing, but going with a very fine point size tends to warp and/or break the writing instruments, especially since I tend to have a hard grip as well.

As usual, Uni-ball makes a great, solid pen. Every one that I own of their line is extremely durable, and this fine point pen is no exception.

September 17, 2014
This is a wonderful pen,...
Verified Purchase
This is a wonderful pen, particularly for my work. I'm a judge and I still tend to work in paper. In a typical case, I print out the relevant laws for my binder and often need to tab numerous versions. I've found that the 0.28mm tip is perfect for the fine-point writing that I use for tabbing and for note-taking in and around dense passages of legal materials. It's impossible where I live and work to find such stationery. I certainly plan to continue using this pen and will order more as I use it up.

August 19, 2014
This really does write...
Verified Purchase
This really does write puny. I use it to write in the margins of my Bible and it’s perfect. But it’s so tiny that sometimes the writing comes out very light.
Still, a great way to get in thin margins.

July 8, 2014
I definitely enjoy the...
Verified Purchase
I definitely enjoy the Signo. I have two in .28 and two in .5 - though I have NO idea why I bought .5 because I hate tips that large. Nevertheless, all of these are comfortable in the hand and smooth like Menudo. Will definitely buy more.

March 24, 2014
I LOVED this pen when...
Verified Purchase
I LOVED this pen when I first received it. Wrote very well, and so smooth. However, it stopped working about a week after I used it, and I'm not sure why. I've only used it to write on paper.