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  yowza! this pen is the..., August 22, 2009
yowza! this pen is the best! ive fallen inlove with the .28mm! ive always been a fan of uni-ball signo pens they carry in the US. but now im hooked on the .28mm thickness. its the smoothest write youll ever have! no joke. the .38 is also fantastic, but i like the .28 the best. im addicted!! (id trade my hi-tec-c 's for this)
  I first heard about the..., May 1, 2009
I first heard about the 0.18 mm pen, was rather curious, and then decided that the 0.28 mm pen might be a more practical one for daily use. I purchased many of these pens (and of different colors), and they are absolutely amazing. I've always been sort of against gel pens from experiences with very ordinary ones in the U.S. that don't have consistent ink flow and make a line too thick. I've used this pen for many months now, and I absolutely LOVE to write with it. A gel pen made right! Waterproof too! Thin, readable line, consistent ink-flow. I do have to warn you that if you drop this pen on the tip, it -will- render it non-usable (but you should expect that considering the tip is so thin!). As long as that doesn't happen, this pen will last you a good while, and I recommend this to anyone who loves to write small and write a lot! Very smooth! I even ordered these as gifts for others!
  I like these pens. The..., August 28, 2008
I like these pens. The ink is nice and black and goes onto the paper evenly. The have a nice tapering nib that makes for a strong tip. They have a rubber grip that is not to soft and feels good in my hand. The cap is short and when on the back of the pen does not rest in the web of my hand. The pens have good balance allowing for long writing periods.

The 0.28mm nib drags the worst of the 2 sizes but leaves the thinner line. The 0.38mm nib writes the smoothest but produces a darker line. The 0.38mm nib is perhaps the better of the two as an every day pen. It writes as smooth as any other uni-ball 0.38mm gel pen.
  The best pen I have ever..., July 19, 2008
The best pen I have ever written with.
The ink is smooth, and flows extremely well for a .28.
The tip feels extremely sturdy, so I don't worry about pushing too hard or anything.
The barrel feels strong, and the grip is really nice as well.
It's very comfortable to hold in one's hand.
Overall, I can't wait to get some more of these! They will be my pen of choice for a long long time.
  This is such a cool pen,..., June 11, 2008
This is such a cool pen, I just love the way it works so beautifully. I have 7 different colors and now I need to complete my set....
  BEST pen ever. I love..., December 13, 2007
BEST pen ever. I love the way it writes so smoothly and it never skips or dies up on me. I've used up a dozen of these pens within the past few months due to school, and even though the ink goes fast, I will never ditch these pens.
  I lived in Japan about..., September 20, 2007
I lived in Japan about eight years back (1998-2000) and discovered this pen while there. I brought back dozens of them when I returned stateside, and the day my last pen pooped out was a sad, sad day indeed. I'm a writer, and I often daydream about this pen, about the soft and gooey scratch it makes when you write with it--there's an indescribable cleanness and fineness in that gooey scratch that I've never found in another gel pen, try as I have. I love, love, love this pen.
  Black and Blue-Black..., September 7, 2007
Black and Blue-Black in this pen have been my workhorse pens for the last year. Being a student, I write many, many notes and so have gone through about 7 blue-blacks. Out of that I have had trouble with 2 pens. One never wrote well and another stopped working half-way through its ink supply. Otherwise these are excellent pens! I will continue to buy these pens.
  I have a simple review..., May 8, 2007
I have a simple review for the Signo DX .28 mm. The perfect field sketch pen, stiff because of the tapered nib 'not a needle nib' responsive, dense and vibrant, takes abuse and delivers the finest detail for illustrations and sketches intended for reproduction. A pinnacle of balanced design. Five out of Five. For the money you can't beat it on any front, no import or domestic pen matches it's capacity for expression. FIVE OUT OF FIVE! Also the most comfortable of the micro pens.
  I bought two of these..., November 3, 2006
By mayol
I bought two of these while visiting a Saitama University recently. I am a pen fanatic and these are incredible!! I plan to order them in BULK and use them until they are no longer made!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome, EXCELLENT pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  This is by far the best..., August 19, 2005
This is by far the best pen for artists looking for a instant dry extremely fine tip drawing pen. My perspective teacher recommended these and I am now using them religously. Any of the DX series from Japan rock for artsists.