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These are the best pens...
May 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
These are the best pens ever. I love them for journaling. Smooth, crisp writing feels so nice. I have a hard time using anything else!
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My absolute favorite...
April 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
My absolute favorite gel pen and gel pen color for every day writing. I can't go back to plain old black. Too bad there are no refills for this pen barrel in 0.28. Boo! I will never use any other brand other than Uni for gel pens. They write like a dream and 0.28 is the perfect fine line for me.
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The color is exactly...
January 31, 2015
Verified Purchase
The color is exactly as I imagined! I really love how it's a dark color but not too dark, so it really does have that deep brown color. I planned on using this in my planners and small notebooks, so I wanted a finer tip. I could see this being good for my drawings as well. Very content with the product!
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(Disclaimer: I use cheap...
July 6, 2016
Verified Purchase
(Disclaimer: I use cheap paper, which might make a difference, I suppose.) Certainly my favorite pen. The UM-151 line in general is consistent, requires basically no pressure (compared to pens in the G-2 line, for example), and while I've found the regular black ink to sort of expand once it hits the paper, resulting in a thicker line, the brown-black lays down the line it should (for reference, the G-2 05 and the DX/UM-151 .38 seem to have close to same line thickness in regular black; same with the G-2 .38 and UM-151 .28). If you tried this tip size in black and it was thicker than you wanted, I'd suggest giving brown-black a shot. Some have noted the pen's "scratchiness" because of its fine point, but I personally don't think it's bad enough to be considered a problem; it just isn't as free-flowing as a bolder pen. The downside is that it's essentially nonrefillable in anything but black. Also, the description says it will take a .38 refill; the description sits on a throne of lies. Just so you know.
The Uni-ball Signo U-151...
July 5, 2016
Verified Purchase
The Uni-ball Signo U-151 at 0.28mm with Brown/Black ink is my favorite pen, size, and color. I write with these and I like how the brown/black ink looks on notebook paper. I have accumulated a large pile of drained pens.
I love the color. great...
April 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love the color. great for sketches.
The Signo Uni-ball consistentl...
August 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
The Signo Uni-ball consistently outperforms all the other ultra-fine point pens I've tried. I like to write with virtually no pressure on the tip and this pen glides across the paper without skipping or being scratchy. I only wish there were more colors in the 0.28 tip.
I love this pen: writes...
July 12, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love this pen: writes smoothly, fits comfortably in your hand, and has an excellent pigment. I wasn't too sure on the color at first, but it is a great shade that hovers nicely between a sienna and a black. It looks a bit rustic almost. Plus the .28mm is a perfect size when you're doing a lot of writing as it saves space on the page.
This is my new favorite...
June 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is my new favorite pen. I love all these pens, and I'm a pen fetishist! But my favoite colors are brown-black and blue-black. Writes so smoothly with no ink leaks, and cool colors!
Love it!...
October 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
Love it!
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