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  I love UM-151. Just one..., July 9, 2012
By sup...
I love UM-151. Just one thing I really don't understand, though. These guys are $2.5 each, and if my math is correct, if I buy 8 it should be $20. Now this set is actually $1 more expensive!! Shouldn't it be the same price, if not cheaper?
  I've had a limited edition..., August 16, 2014
I've had a limited edition pink Uni-ball Signo UM pen with me (exactly the same like this pen, but has a polka-dot design) and it survived for a LOOONG time. These pens are my favorite, as they have an excellent quality.

- Smooth and easy writing
- Comfortable grip
- Even though it's stated as a 'gel pen' it doesn't smear, smudge, and dries quickly
- Waterproof
- Ink color is vivid and matches the pen color (I hate it when colors are lighter than how they looked like!)
- Doesn't bleed
- Long pen lifespan. No, really :p

- Expensive; for me, but it's WORTH IT.

  I've been a big fan of..., August 8, 2012
By lyn...
I've been a big fan of the Hi-Tec C (0.4mm) pens ever since I laid my hands on them. Compared to the Hi-Tec C pens, however, the Uni-ball (DX) UM-151 (0.38mm) is much thinner compared to the Hi-Tec C. I personally love how smooth these pens can write without any scratch noise. In addition, IT'S WATERPROOF! The Hi-Tec C pens are not waterproof (one drop of water can mess up the ink on paper).

I gave a Hi Tec C pen for my boyfriend last year and he broke the tip of it. I bought these pens this year for him and he said he absolutely loved it (better than the Hi-Tec C).
  I use these to draw what..., May 31, 2012
I use these to draw what I see with the microscope (histology). These colors are good for most of the stains I use, but replace the pink with "pure pink" to get a better set.

This ink does not run, even if I spill alcohol or water on a drawing - which happens a lot more often than it should.

I highly recommend these for laboratory use.
  Darn, I was just about..., August 4, 2009
By leila
Darn, I was just about to order these, and they're sold out. Please restock! ^_^ I LOVE the couple of DX UM-151s that I have - now I need them in more colors!
  i really like the colour..., May 29, 2009
i really like the colour and the ink of the pens, but i find that it is easily ruin ( i don't know how to say this sorr for my bad english. T^T) because of its thinness. for instance if someone drops them, the ink won't be able to come out properly, other than that it's a really good pen to use!
  i just got these pens..., April 15, 2007
i just got these pens and I love them! The package said they come in certain colors so i order 2 other colors, but they ended up being the same as in the set! I could have gotten more colors! they never leak and write really smooth.
  SMOOTHEST PEN EVER!! One..., July 25, 2006

One of my top favourite..and it never leaks. If you want smooth writing get this over hi-tec-c.