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April 26, 2011
I love this pen. It writes...
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I love this pen. It writes smoothly, and the ink is a deep, pine green that looks great no matter where I've used the pen. The color is subtle (it doesn't scream "I'm GREEN!") but still looks unique.

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January 25, 2012
Love this pen, it is...
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Love this pen, it is quickly becoming my favorite. Writes rather fluidly for a 0.38 mm point. In fact, I am extremely impressed with how small I am able to write, without skipping or any problem whatsoever. It reminds me of fine writing instruments I used as a draftsperson many years ago. The green-black ink is a wonderful color, more of a pine green. I love writing with it so much that I plan to order more in different colors to use for both writing & drawing. At this price I can afford to indulge. Thanks JetPens.

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December 24, 2014
Graet Color, nice feeling...
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Graet Color, nice feeling holding the pen too.

December 7, 2014
The green-black UM-151...
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The green-black UM-151 is the pen I use every day at work and home, and I have several. The ink color is conservative enough for work but a nice change from black, blue, or blue-black, and the ink is smooth, waterproof, and provided in a extremely generous quantity (lasts months for me).

(Minor) issues noted over a year of use:

1) Occasional skipping with one particular pen, but a firm tap on the paper corrected this easily.

2) The ink dried slowly on a postcard made of some kind of slick coated paper. It works great on all other papers I've used, though.

November 30, 2014
Writes smoothly especially...
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Writes smoothly especially for such a fine point gel pen. However, the "green black" is more of a novelty. It just looks black to me.

November 9, 2014
Absolutely love these...
Verified Purchase
Absolutely love these pens. Bright ink, and nice smooth writers! And retractable points!

October 20, 2014
Love these pens. Purchased...
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Love these pens. Purchased them for making personalized calendars and they are perfect. Thanks so much.

October 15, 2014
Great shade of green...
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Great shade of green and chemically resistant ink!

April 28, 2013
Great color, I think...
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Great color, I think that this is my favorite line of capped pens, amazing colors and easy to hold and write.

I love the concept of <color> black inks, the more common is the blue black, but this green black is amazing, and so is the reddish/wine black (bourdeaux).

February 25, 2012
Awesome color and pen....
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Awesome color and pen. I love Hi-Tec, Slicci, and Uni-ball Signo. My only complaint about this pen is that sometimes the ink "gunks up" at the tip. I love all the xxx-black Signo pens. I wish the .28 had all the black colors. My favorite 0.25 and 0.3 pen is the slicci. My favorite 0.4 and 0.5 pen is the Hi-Tec c. I like the signo also even though the grip is just above where I place my fingers. I will buy more of these.