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The brown-black Signo...
September 3, 2009
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The brown-black Signo DX in 0.5mm is my favorite color and my favorite pen. I love using lots of other colors for fun, but this is the one I come back to all the time. I don't have any trouble telling it from black. It's a lovely dark brown, with no hint of red, giving the impression that some black has been mixed in with the brown. Warmer than plain black, but still serious enough for everyday work use.
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Great color, I think...
April 28, 2013
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Great color, I think that this is my favorite line of capped pens, amazing colors and easy to hold and write.
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ryoji kezu
very nice, very smooth,...
February 23, 2016
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very nice, very smooth, very crisp, just wish the 0.5mm came in more colors (like the colors for 0.38mm, and the bordeaux black in particular). But this brown ink color is really neat. This is my favorite pen and ink color. I was buying the 0.38 mm, but that size was a little scratchy compared to 0.5mm.
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My favorite pen. Love...
October 6, 2015
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My favorite pen. Love the point size and the ink color. Writes very, very smoothly.
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Ink flow is nice; deep...
September 4, 2010
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Ink flow is nice; deep color that doesn't blotch or skip. The one annoying thing for me is the grip; it's positioned too high on the pen body for me to find it comfortable, so I tend to have to hold the pen below the grip.
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My favorite gel pen....
August 10, 2016
Verified Purchase
My favorite gel pen. I don't know why I periodically stray and try others, when this one is everything I want in a pen: smooth flow/ink delivery; lightweight, but feels good in the hand; waterproof, so good for ink + watercolor drawings. Because of how the ink flows, my handwriting looks nice + tidy. I may also order the .38 as well, because I like to sketch. Brown black ink is gorgeous--not too red, definitely not black, sort of black coffee colored.
A little dark, but I...
August 4, 2016
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A little dark, but I do like the pen.
lovely color. writes...
March 31, 2016
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lovely color. writes well.
A beautiful, rich, dark...
September 1, 2015
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A beautiful, rich, dark brown color. This is my favorite pen color now. It's a little "warmer" than the black, and almost darker, strange as that sounds. An awesome color, I use it for everything now. The 0.5mm version is a nice bold, yet crisp, line. I also use the 0.28mm version for fine notes in my Day Planner.
It writes so smoothl...
July 16, 2015
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It writes so smoothly
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