Waterman Nostalgia Fountain Pen Ink - 50 ml Bottle - Mysterious Blue

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4.8 (12 reviews)
50 ml of high-quality Waterman fountain pen ink in an iconic Waterman bottle.

Model NumberSANFORD 51060W6
Weight5.4 ounces
Bottle Size 50 ml
Ink Color Dark Blue (Mysterious Blue)
Size - Height 6.5 cm
Size - Length 6.4 cm
Size - Width 3.8 cm
Usage Dip Pens, Fountain Pens
Water Resistance None

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This is my go-to ink...
January 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
This is my go-to ink at work. It performs well on a range of papers, from low quality, absorbent copy paper to 100% cotton letterhead; no (or minimal) feathering & bleedthrough on the papers I've used. The color is like a deepened and muted teal. I <3 it! It's dark & subtle enough to be business professional but interesting enough to be fun & unique. I also prefer to not use black ink for certain documents so as to show it is an original. I experienced good ink flow with my Kaweco Classic EF.
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One of the safest inks...
July 5, 2011
One of the safest inks around. This would be my go-to ink for daily use, however, it is well known for turning teal as it dries on the page. Otherwise a superb ink: smooth, free-flowing, good drying time, and non-staining.
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Excellent ink. One of...
March 19, 2014
Verified Purchase
Excellent ink. One of the safest inks in the market, very well behaved, nice color. Won't melt the sac in your vintage pens. Won't clog the feed, or stain plastic. Flows easily, dries in a reasonable amount of time. If you like the color, do not hesitate to use it.
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I love the colour on...
April 15, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love the colour on this ink, though its not exactly as I would think based on the bottle and some writing samples. It is laid on rather blue-black, but as it dries out it turns to a dark teal hue. It is translucent enough to get some colour variations when writing adding a slight flair. It is sort of runny and absorbent papers like cheaper notebook or fax paper will wick it from the pen, feathering a bit on the edges.Still pleasant and dark enough to be legible without much eyestrain, but registrars blue it is not.

Flows nicely from pen, and has enough lubrication to keep even my EF Preppys from feeling too scratchy.
The slight hint of green...
March 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
The slight hint of green when the ink dries is exquisite. (Slightly) waterproof, this is a fun ink to write with, and useful to differentiate original documents from photocopied ones. I've written on a variety of paper, from newspapers and tissues to school notepads and there has been little feathering. A true delight.