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These watercolors are...
December 11, 2013
These watercolors are very fun. I use them as a sparkly accent. But they can be used just like you would regular water colors.

My only complaint was that the watercolor disks fell out of their pans. OTOH, this allowed me to rearrange the colors the way that I wanted before gluing them back in.
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I love these. I use them...
April 29, 2015
I love these. I use them both as a compliment to regular watercolour, and on their own on black paper. I especially like them for getting that iridescence that some bird feathers have and putting some sparkle in highlights.

A couple of tips:
- Put a drop or two of water on the pans you want to use, then let it sit for a minute or so. Should find you can pick up a lot more pigment that way.
- The lid makes a handy mixing palette.
- Clean your brushes and rinse buckets thoroughly before you go back to regular watercolours or other watermedia, or you might find you end up with some unexpected sparkles! I now have a watercolour landscape with accidental shiny trees.
- Apparently watercolours can go mouldy if you put them away wet, I've let mine stay wet for a few days without any issues, but I would let them dry before storing long-term.

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Good for accents, but...
July 23, 2014
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Good for accents, but not for stand-alone paints. They have a very subtle shimmer that adds high gloss to the piece and a few of the colors are vibrant enough to show up on their own, but this set is best used for accents.
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Very pearly colors! Great...
January 4, 2016
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Very pearly colors! Great on coloring book pages!
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Takes a bit of work to...
April 11, 2016
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Takes a bit of work to get the shimmer incorporated with your brush but these are beautiful shimmers. More translucent looking and subltle color but packed with shimmer.
I love this set!!! For...
March 2, 2016
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I love this set!!!
For the price, I thought it was worth trying and I was not disappointed. I mainly use them for accents. Great variety of colors! As others have mentioned, I noticed they work best when I put a drop of water in the pan and let it sit for a minute to soften. Otherwise it can be hard to get a decent amount of pigment on the brush. But used this way, I get great results! Really, a fun addition to my watercolor work, and a great value.
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Very nice colors!! Getting...
July 6, 2015
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Very nice colors!! Getting a thick opacity takes a few more seconds than necessary, though. Worth the money, though.
Wonderful colors and...
June 25, 2015
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Wonderful colors and work great!
I am enjoying using these...
June 22, 2015
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I am enjoying using these water colors. They add a nice finishing touch to my painting.
Love this !!!!...
May 7, 2015
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Love this !!!!
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