Zebra Airfit Mechanical Pencil with Push Clip - 0.5 mm - Orange Body

Zebra Airfit Mechanical Pencil with Push Clip - 0.5 mm - Orange Body

3.6 (5 reviews)
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The Zebra Airfit is popular all over Asia because of its comfortable rubber grip, binder style clip that allows it to be attached to thicker objects, and ergonomic body shape. Like the Pilot AirBlanc, the grip has a layer of air between the rubber grip and the body of the pen to allow heat conduction from your fingers. Perhaps it's because of the hot weather in Asia, but cool hands seem to be an important factor in Japanese pen design! Yes, we guess this pencil can make a great companion during sweaty final exams.

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Customer Reviews

i was expecting a more...
December 5, 2011
i was expecting a more comfortable grip from this pencil. the grip is a soft plastic that attracts lint, and isn't as comfortable as it looks. the pencil has some weight to it, which is good if you like a heavy pencil. it's definitely sturdy and not cheap feeling. don't fall for the "heat conduction" feature, it's just a gimmick.
I do not see why a lot...
February 13, 2011
I do not see why a lot of people hate the Airfit. The pencil is made of good sturdy plastic and comes with a clip that allows it to be clipped on to many objects. The grip works very well, but it does not stop you from sweating. Overall, a fine pencil that is a good buy for its price.
This pencil is good and...
March 2, 2010
This pencil is good and all, but how is it supposed to stop u from sweating?
Sucks! not good at a...
March 2, 2010
Sucks! not good at all!
I just recieved this...
February 26, 2010
Verified Purchase
I just recieved this pencil in the mail and like the Slim Airfit I bought, it is amazing! The body color stands ou very well and the grip is very comfortable.