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May 13, 2007
Great pen, not only functional...
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Great pen, not only functional, every pen/pencil write smoothly. I'd recommend the ZEBRA B4SA1 - L before this one though, it's the same pen for less than half the price.

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February 21, 2012
i just got my zebra clip-on...
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i just got my zebra clip-on 1000 today . the mechanism is smooth when switching colors and almost effortless. the pencil once done successfully becomes second nature to use. the ink is smooth, and the green is more vibrant than most ballpoints i have used. i definitely would recommend this pen to a friend,while keeping close guard on my own pen.;)

January 27, 2009
I love this pencil, it's...
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I love this pencil, it's so comfortable to write with, and with the Hi tec c mod it's perfect!