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September 20, 2013
I LOVE switching between...
Verified Purchase
I LOVE switching between colors on this pen! The switching mechanism on this pen feels so solid and sturdy that I just love switching the colors when not writing (I do this alone when no one else can be annoyed by the clicking which sounds really good hah)

My only beef with this pen is the shiny tip.. I wish it was all white like the Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1 4 Series I Pens.

Overall super duper pen!

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August 6, 2013
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pen. I originally had the blue, but someone stole it. >:[ I was crushed! I have now ordered the pink. I am a nurse, and found myself using all the different inks, and the pencil as well. The grip is great, especially when my hands are getting tired by the end of the day. The clip? AWESOME! Love it! I have not had a problem with it slipping from my lanyard. As a fine point enthusiast, I almost strayed from buying this pen. But even as a 0.7mm point, it writes like it is finer. It also writes very smooth with no skipping. Being very picky, if I have a pen that skips, leaks or whatever, it will make its way to the trash without a second thought. I plan to stock up on every color, especially the blue when it's back in stock! I believe that this pen is well worth the price paid, it's very well constructed and quickly becomes an easy favorite.

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May 10, 2009
The grip leaves something...
Verified Purchase
The grip leaves something to be desired just so you know. A bit textured and personally I don't like it, only problem I have with it and not worth a star. After all it takes Hi Tec C Coleto!

April 5, 2009
It can take all three...
Verified Purchase
It can take all three HI-tec C coleto refills although you may have to clip them a little.

March 14, 2009
It's a nice pen, not...
Verified Purchase
It's a nice pen, not the same color as the white Dr. Grip, more a actual white. And the great plus is it can take Hi Tec-C coleto refills! I just used the .5 and .4 in one, haven't tried the .3 yet though.