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let me tell u somethin: I...
January 29, 2012
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let me tell u somethin:
I am a nurse and I can assure u that workin in a hospital can be very stressfull and exhausting - you have to run alot, be alert all the time, write down notes for the docs and ALWAYS be ready and behave calm in case of emergency.

my colleagues and me we're used to carry a lot of pens, markers, pencils scissors, notes etc. and thats kind of annoying.
this multi pen is very practical; a substitute for 5 pens! no more worries about losing a pen or pencil again ;P

what I also love about the pen is its clip-on so it cant fall out of ur chest pocket if u have to bow down to pick up stuff or a patient who accidently slipped xD

nah just joking, anyways, if you are looking for a multi pen, then buy this one, u wont regret it.

nurses will love it ^_^
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love the pen just curious...
January 9, 2009
love the pen just curious what refils for the eraser will work. ie size d, etc.
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The pens write is so...
February 22, 2016
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The pens write is so smooth and Work really well I love it, just perfect.
I received this pen as...
May 18, 2015
Verified Purchase
I received this pen as a promotional item, with a company logo printed on the side. Both my wife and l liked it so much, that I bought a few more. The pen feels substantial, but not excessively bulky. The writing is smooth and consistent on a variety of types of paper.

The 4 colors allow for organization when taking notes for work or school. My wife uses hers so much that I am back to buy refills within 4 months!
If your looking for this...
August 9, 2011
If your looking for this exact model then you will not be disappointed. It is a great multi pen. At first I didn\'t like the grip, but the more time that I spend with this multi pen I am enjoying it more and more. Personally I would prefer the pricer model of this multi pen, but if you don\'t want to spend the $ on a multi pen then you should get this one instead. Great Buy just not my type.
For the most part, this...
November 18, 2009
Verified Purchase
For the most part, this pen works very well. The plastic feels strong and smooth and is durable enough for everyday use, the grip is basic and comfortable, the spring clip is a useful addition. The eraser cap attaches very firmly and is therefore hard to lose. Finally, unlike most multi-pens which seem to have three options, this one also manages to include five without seeming too wide or heavy.

However, a few minor annoyances prevent this pen from receiving a 5/5. The tip of the pencil tends to wobble slightly when writing, and the clip that holds the pencil in place is occasionally prone to slipping and retracting the pencil.
i love how smooth it...
December 5, 2008
Verified Purchase
i love how smooth it writes, one question, how do i work the lead pencil????
you have to remove the...
November 19, 2008
you have to remove the bottom cap of the pen and take out the pencil component and pu in the pencil lead
it is a good pen with...
November 19, 2008
it is a good pen with colours and they came with clip on muiti 1000 s
Great pen - received...
October 20, 2008
Great pen - received it at a conference - just one question - how do you load more pencil lead?
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