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  let me tell u somethin: I..., January 29, 2012
let me tell u somethin:
I am a nurse and I can assure u that workin in a hospital can be very stressfull and exhausting - you have to run alot, be alert all the time, write down notes for the docs and ALWAYS be ready and behave calm in case of emergency.

my colleagues and me we're used to carry a lot of pens, markers, pencils scissors, notes etc. and thats kind of annoying.
this multi pen is very practical; a substitute for 5 pens! no more worries about losing a pen or pencil again ;P

what I also love about the pen is its clip-on so it cant fall out of ur chest pocket if u have to bow down to pick up stuff or a patient who accidently slipped xD

nah just joking, anyways, if you are looking for a multi pen, then buy this one, u wont regret it.

nurses will love it ^_^
  I am a teacher and have..., November 13, 2012
By mse...
I am a teacher and have been using this pen for the last year. I don't know how I ever got by without it :) In all seriousness, having 4 different colors to write with AND a pencil makes this pen vital for any teacher. My wife is a reporter and she has been using this pen for a year as well. We love them... tonight we are going to order a couple more... thank you!!!
  Great pen! Been using..., March 4, 2012
Great pen! Been using it a lot on my rotations in the hospital.
  This multi is amazing...., February 18, 2011
This multi is amazing. The transition between the pens is sooooo smooth! Buy it! NOW!
  heartiest Thanks to H..., October 12, 2010
By abh...
heartiest Thanks to H Suzuki san (shiroki corp. japan) for this priceless gift ,i luv this pen.....n enjoying owning it.....
  Attractive and reasonably..., August 28, 2010
By sugoii
Attractive and reasonably priced; I love that the ballpoint cartridges that come with this are fantastic writers. Another note is that the zebra in particular is good for modding hi tec coleto refills in, if you prefer this sturdier (and be-penciled) body to the coleto bodies.
  This pen writes the way..., May 26, 2009
This pen writes the way so smooth very easy in hands; looks great. Excellent Pen.
  Awesome pen!! It writes..., July 22, 2007
Awesome pen!! It writes very smooth without that scratchy feeling that some multi pens have. I love the idea of a multi pen with a pencil to go with it.
  A lovely pen! The ink..., May 26, 2007
A lovely pen! The ink flows smoothly, and it handles nicely in your hand. The only thing is that the eraser tends to flake when you're rubbing off pencil marks... overall, a good, lovely pen...
  One of my favorite pens...., May 4, 2007
One of my favorite pens. Not only does it write like a dream, it's also priced right.
  An all-in-1 must-have..., January 14, 2007
An all-in-1 must-have pen on your desk....perfect for notes taking if you like to have different colors in your notes.

o and it's really light for a 5 in 1 pen.
  This is a great pen and..., December 19, 2006
This is a great pen and quite rare here in the US. Not only is it a 4 color pen, but it also includes a high quality mechanical pencil! The clear pocket clip doubles as the pencil selector and pencil lead advance - quite ingenious. I bought one in Taiwan for about US$4 so the price here is quite reasonable.
  This pen is awesome...., October 20, 2006
This pen is awesome. The first one I bought was actually at a japanese bookstore and never thought I'd be able to buy another one. I'm so glad I found it on this website.

Its perfect for taking notes especially in classes where the professors go color crazy. Once my classmates saw how awesome my pen was, EVERYONE wanted one!

A must have!
  What a great idea! 4..., January 6, 2006
What a great idea! 4 different pen colors AND a pencil! this is perfect for taking notes in class b/c i can use different colors to highlight specific points without having to pull out other pens.

Highly recommend for anyone heading out to school...