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This multi pen is great...
December 24, 2009
This multi pen is great for everyday use because the performance is decent. The ink flows smoothly and the colors are for everyday use. However, the grip is not very good because it is not squishy and like a uni-gel (alpha-gel). I think the mechanism is great because there is a retracting button in the center below the clip that retracts all the different colors. I do not use this because I am use to just pressing another function down to retract another. The clip is decent and functions well although I do not use it. I have found no problems with mechanisms after using it for six months or so in class. The only complaint is that the grip is not very great. You can use it to write in black and blue, then correct or make profreading marks with red. It is a pretty sturdy pen because the whole pen is undamaged after six months of heavy use and tumbling around in my pencil box and only one minor crack in the tip from a drop in the hallway on the floor. This is a great pen for casual use and a great value for only 3.75 because it is basically 3 pens and a clip for 4 bucks.
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