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This may be the most...
June 18, 2009
Verified Purchase
This may be the most overpriced writing instrument at JetPens. It is snazzier then the standard Zebra Clip-Ons and has the nice touch of the cap over the eraser screwing on and off. But $45 is just ridiculous.

"You can barely tell it's a multi-function pen."

The above bit from the description is just flat-out wrong. The diameter of the gripping section is a little thinner, but I don't think anyone would ever mistake this pen as not being a multi-pen. Now the fantastic Zebra Sharbo X is a different story. Someone at JP should use the above line in the Sharbo X descriptions.

I should add that I bit the bullet and kept mine. It is a good mult-pen and I like the color combination. But I'll still only give it 3 stars because, again, the price is simply too much for a pen like this.
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