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5 stars If you like...
August 25, 2010
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5 stars
If you like slim pencils such as Pentel p203 0.3mm (which Pentel America does not distribute in the USA but I believe can be sold by stores such as Jetpens--I order p203 online from certain webstores) than this pencil is pretty much very similar to it. One advantage is that this zebra pencil has over Pentel p203 is that it is hexagonal for even more comfortable hold. it just becomes part of your hand. Love it. I prefer light pencils without metal grips which I find iften hurt your fingers if used for more than 30 min.

It even has a decent size eraser (I only use those for emergency) of about 1.5 cm in length. I use the Uni Knock eraser found here at JP.
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This is an awesome .3...
May 6, 2012
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This is an awesome .3 pencil! Perfect for those who want to try out .3 lead. Also, the lead pipe is long enough to be used for drafting purposes!
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Easily my favorite pencil...
August 23, 2016
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Easily my favorite pencil after two weeks
Love it! Light weight...
May 15, 2015
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Love it! Light weight and writes well
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