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I really like these,...
January 8, 2010
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I really like these, the color, the particular lightness and sparkle. The weight is balanced for such a light mechanical pencil. The lead breaks less with these than some others. I wanted to love them, but they have a flaw. The clutch that holds the lead is too far up, and when you are 2/3 of the way through a led, it just falls out when you lift up the pen. I've tried different leads, and they all do the same thing. I end up throwing away 1/3 of every lead I've used.
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I love this pencil. ...
December 4, 2011
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I love this pencil. I have it in white and it's very cute but very subtle - it's not obvious glitter. The pencil is very light which is good if you do a lot of writing and it's slim enough to fit a grip if you want one.
The eraser is great because it has a little base that allows you to use more of it than is normal with a mechanical pencil. It's also unusually long and winds up and down - very cool!
I haven't had any problems with the lead falling out, although I do seem to have change to the next lead when it gets down to last 1/2" of lead. However, I've had that experience with every mechanical pencil I've ever used.
Another great thing about this pencil is the lead tip doesn't 'bounce' , which is what I hate most about mechanical pencils and click-type pens. This pencil is very sturdy!
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Easy to hold and perfect...
March 16, 2016
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Easy to hold and perfect for writing. I draw with it as well and I love it!!
Nice alternative to a...
February 4, 2016
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Nice alternative to a Pentel p207 or the like.
Love this pencil because...
August 27, 2015
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Love this pencil because it writes dark enough for you to read but small enough to fit in the margins of my Bible. Love it!!!! Also love the small twist eraser on the end, got refills for it too!!
the first ever pencil...
January 26, 2015
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the first ever pencil that i fell in love with was the classic pentel p205 because of its durability and minimalist build. this zebra color does basically everything the pentel p205 does and improves on the design!!

i'm comparing the two because the pentel p205 is something that is available at most stationary stores and is a good starter pencil to feed into the larger world of quality stationary :9

the two are exactly the same length and width, but the zebra color has a glittery barrel (pretty!) made of plastic that is less dense than the pentel. both have good quality erasers, but the pentel comes with a metal cap (which i like better), while the color flight has a turning eraser. i don't entirely understand why, but the colorflight has a plastic cone cap thing above the needle where the lead comes out. i can't really say it does any difference to the overall writing of the pencil, but it's a neat deviation from the pentel design. the grips of both pencils are pretty much identical: they're both etched directly into the body of the plastic and it's actually kind of nice and not as uncomfortable as i initially was afraid it was going to be.

the one aspect that makes me feel like the color flight has a large advantage over the pentel is the position and length of the pencil clip. one of the most annoying things i ran into with the pentel was that because the lead would always end up sharper/duller on one side, i would have to turn the pencil to even out the width of each letter. however, the gosh darned clip would always bite into my hand! really, really uncomfortable 9: but thankfully, the colorflight put it higher and made the clip shorter, so no matter how i turn, i never bump into it! :) it's a really nice improvement!

overall, the pentel p205 definitely has a nicer build than the colorflight, but they're mostly just small little differences. the weight of the colorflight feels more substantial than the pentel, and the body is definitely cuter! it's great that i don't run into the same problems with the clip as i do with the pentel. it's a really sturdy little pencil and it looks like the night sky minus the light pollution: really dreamy! :)
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