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I just put one nib in...
July 23, 2011
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I just put one nib in some freshly squeezed lime juice, boiled some water with a small amount of dish soap, dropped it in for a little pulled it out(without putting my fingers on it at all) and dried it with a paper towel. after which I put it on my nib holder using the paper towel licked it and let it dry, all without putting any of my skin oils on the nib, and it works just fine. it picks up ink like it's no ones business
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Zebra G-Pen, by far the...
August 7, 2011
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Zebra G-Pen, by far the most popular of the G-Pen Nibs used in Japan. Is this just hype or is there a valid rason as to why the popularity of the Zebra G deserves the hype? When the nib is fresh out of the box, it has a distinctive hard,stiff touch comparible to that of the Tachikawa. Unlike the Tachikawa, however, this nib makes a far more variety of lines compared to that nib and despite the hard feeling, it doesn't feel stiff at all. The hardness is also a very good indicator that it is still very good to use, and also allows the finest lines that this G-Pen can make, similar to that of the MaruPen, however a little thicker than what Type A Hard-type Maru-Pen can make, but still at a satisfying thinness. As the pen gets used up, the stiffness disappears, indicating that the pen has a little more freedom in making varied lines a little easier but gradually loses the ability to make the Maru-Pen like thin lines, however it can still make thin lines when it is at a "medium used" stage. By this time the pen can be able to express thick lines much better and switch between variation with ease. I have also noticed that this pen can be used for a very long time, especially if you're using a strong waterproof ink like Kaimei Lettering Sol or Kuretake Manga Ink, if you constantly wipe the ink off with a solution or water. Awesome use-span! Let's say that it can last for a good 20 -30 pages if taken care of properly. In closing, the Zebra G-Pen is by far one of the best pens to use out there, especially if you're doing a manga and calligraphy, this pen is a must. It also pairs up with any ink, whether black or colored,waterproof or water-soluble, perfectly.
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Love this nib. It makes...
December 29, 2010
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Love this nib. It makes the thinnest lines possible with just skimming the paper and can also make thick lines. Holds a lot of ink. Perfect for manga artists. I'm giving up my Speedball nibs for these.

On a side note: When I got these, I was stupidly eager and went ahead and prepared all of them for usage (getting off the wax). It never occurred to me that I'm never going to go through 10 nibs soon and that it can possible rust form storage. Just prepare the ones you are going to use.
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By far the Zebra G is...
October 20, 2013
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By far the Zebra G is the best for flexibility of producing very fine and thick lines. Then followed by Nikko G (stiffer nib, produces fine lines but not as flexible as the Zebra), then the Tachkawa G (falls between the Nikko G and Zebra G) for pointed pen calligraphy work. Calligraphers, penmen and Master Penmen alike recommend this nib and call it a "workhorse" of a nib. They suggest initial treatment to the nib (to remove the protective sheen on the nib) by either running the bottom of the nib under a lit match for 3 seconds; or use liquid gum arabic to wipe the nib or rub it with some toothpaste and rinse. Any of these techniques will work before dipping the nib into ink. Hope this helps!
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This nibs are excellent....
August 10, 2014
Verified Purchase
This nibs are excellent. I've been doing tests with several different inks (Pilot documentary ink, Kaimei Lettering Sol and Windsor and Newton Indian Ink) and it works wonderfully with all of them! No wonder why this are the top choice nibs from most professional Mangakas in Japan. We're fortunate that we can count with JetPens to get the chance to draw with this top quality nibs. You can get thick, well defined lines but also makes very thin lines for tiny/extreme details. Just awesome.

One thing I want to share here is that I begin using one nib right out of the box, meaning, without doing any pre-setup to remove the oil coat from the tip and good news, everyone, it worked perfectly since the very first trace! Ink was flowing perfect after using it for 2 hours. Then I took another nib from the cute little box and I did the setup to remove the oil coat with lemon juice and dish soap provided here on the reviews section by bitmavric (thanks a lot for sharing it!) And I don't know if I did the procedure correctly but after using that particular nib for 1 hour I feel like the nib wasn't acting as good as the first nib. I couldn't get those extremely thin lines because the ink flow was either too much or not ink flowing at all! It was kinda frustrating at times. In a few words: I wasn't getting the same precise control compared to the first nib without any oil coat remove procedure.

So yeah I think it will be better to do some doodle tests with this nibs without any pre-setup for a couple hours and if you find that the ink flow is doing good in that time I think it will be better to leave it as it is without applying any kind of weird liquid or burning the nib. Plus, the nib will last a lot longer. Sorry for the lenghty review but I wanted to share this experience because there's not much info about this on the Internet. Cheers from Mexico!
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I started using these...
July 20, 2013
Verified Purchase
I started using these just yesterday after it came in the mail. First of all, love the product, it creates smooth lines for me when I'm working on my manga. Secondly, for ten of these nibs, I think it's worth my every penny. and Third, the shipping and package was excellent.
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the line width can very...
May 15, 2012
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the line width can very a lot with this pen nib. I've found that i haven't had to alternate pens as much. can't say much else! try it out and enjoy! practice makes perfect with dip pens and this comes with 10 nibs so if you mess up somehow you still have more chances.
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I’ve tried many different...
December 27, 2011
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I’ve tried many different types of nibs for drawing and I really like these a lot, they have a great amount of flexibility and line variation they also hold a decent amount of ink. The other G nibs I’ve tried are nice as well but I prefer the Zebra ones they seem to retain their ability to do very fine line for longer than the other types I’ve tried. If you’re interested in inking or comics or cartooning I’d recommend give these a shot.
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I love these nibs. As...
November 10, 2010
Verified Purchase
I love these nibs. As a first-time nib user, I found myself fully adjusted to the nib after only a few hours of practice. You can get anything from super thin lines to thick and delicious lines with this nib. Best of all, you can even move the nib from side to side (rather than just toward you) to produce a thin line.

Overall, this is a good beginner nib to start with. I don't see myself even bothering to try anything else. That's how happy I am with the lines this nib produces. I've tested two nibs out of the pack of 10 already and neither was defective. So far, that's a better quality control than what I've heard from people buying a Hunt 102 nib pack. I haven't had any problems with the nibs scratching the paper.

My only complaint right now is that they're out of stock!

Please restock these soon!
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Great nib. The ink flow...
December 10, 2011
Verified Purchase
Great nib. The ink flow is perfect, and i love how you can change the thickness of the line by applying pressure. If you draw manga, (not only manga, it goes well with another drawing styles) this is a must have.
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