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July 11, 2011
I had never used a nib...
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I had never used a nib pen before so this was my first experience. It was instantly easy to use! There was no learning curve. Right out of the pack I loved drawing with it and was amazed at how fine the lines could be. I have tried other nibs since and none match up to this one. It is awesome.

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April 18, 2011
This nib is one of my...
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This nib is one of my absolute favorites-- it's incredibly responsive, lays down a beautiful line, and is so versatile-- thin or thick, it can do it all. As the nib wears out it gets harder to do the super-thin feathering lines, but its flexibility and the control it gives you over laying down varied line widths are amazing. Great for learning nib inking, and great for being a pro at it.

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November 26, 2010
The Zebra G is likely...
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The Zebra G is likely the best G nib being made today. Like the other G pens, the Zebra offers a wide range of line variability from fine to super thick. But it is capable of an even finer line than the other brands I have tried. It's also smoother writing than the others, and can be used in any direction - pushed, pulled, or side to side without catching.

Interestingly, the tines are ground for flexibility instead of stamped. This is an "old fashioned" method of adding flex to a nib, but it works better than stamping rows of grooves into the tines like Nikko, Tachikawa and Leonardt do on their G nibs.

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July 20, 2010
I tested the three types...
I tested the three types of G-pen: Tachikawa, Nikko and this one, Zebra. I just can say that the Zebra G-pen nib is the very best I have tried in my entire life. Tachikawa and Nikko G-pens get easily damaged and their inking doesn't take very long to get thicker, but the Zebra pen is still as thin or thick as I want it to be, and I can treat it more roughly than the other two. If you are attempting to draw manga or comic, I can warranty that the Zebra G-pen has good reasons to be most manga artists' favorite nib pen. From a line as thin as one made by a Round-pen to one almost as thick as one made by any permanent fine marker, the Zebra G-pen is a must try for any artist, not only those who draw manga or comic.

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December 19, 2014
I had heard a lot about...
Verified Purchase
I had heard a lot about these guys from other comics artists, so I decided to give them a try. I'm not disappointed at all; they're high quality and durable (I spent a good week's worth of drawing with a single nib before it started to slightly loosen, which is several dozen more hours of consistent linework than an American nib would normally give me). Even past the point where it starts to give a little, it provides an excellent fluidity of line.

All in all, it's strengths are in its flexibility and durability. It can provide a great line, it's capable of consistent thin linework while also being able to give great line variation, and it lasts much longer than most nibs native to the States. Good investment if you draw comics or cartoons as either a hobby, a living, or an aspiring living.

December 16, 2014
I drop one star only...
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I drop one star only for the design of the nib. Of course it's designed with two slots to give it flex. So it's not the nib so much as the artist/s grumbling over cleaning rags getting hung every time you clean it.

But the line it puts down, and the amount of ink it holds is top of the line.

December 2, 2014
The Zebra G is a quality...
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The Zebra G is a quality nib that is cost efficient. I use it to mostly do modern calligraphy projects.

October 10, 2014
A thousand times, yes!...
Verified Purchase
A thousand times, yes! These nibs are wonderfully smooth and flexy with bounce. I love all the line variations it gives. I really wish these were available in fountain pen format. My god, I'd be unstoppable. Seems like I need to get an Ackerman pump pen to accommodate my new obsession with these nibs. I heavily modified one to fit in a Noodler's Creaper, and it's an amazing combination. It's just time consuming to grind the sides and shaft down to size. But not having to dip all the time is great.

Of course, they work just as nicely while dipping them. I'm just spoiled on fountain pens.

August 10, 2014
This nibs are excellent....
Verified Purchase
This nibs are excellent. I've been doing tests with several different inks (Pilot documentary ink, Kaimei Lettering Sol and Windsor and Newton Indian Ink) and it works wonderfully with all of them! No wonder why this are the top choice nibs from most professional Mangakas in Japan. We're fortunate that we can count with JetPens to get the chance to draw with this top quality nibs. You can get thick, well defined lines but also makes very thin lines for tiny/extreme details. Just awesome.

One thing I want to share here is that I begin using one nib right out of the box, meaning, without doing any pre-setup to remove the oil coat from the tip and good news, everyone, it worked perfectly since the very first trace! Ink was flowing perfect after using it for 2 hours. Then I took another nib from the cute little box and I did the setup to remove the oil coat with lemon juice and dish soap provided here on the reviews section by bitmavric (thanks a lot for sharing it!) And I don't know if I did the procedure correctly but after using that particular nib for 1 hour I feel like the nib wasn't acting as good as the first nib. I couldn't get those extremely thin lines because the ink flow was either too much or not ink flowing at all! It was kinda frustrating at times. In a few words: I wasn't getting the same precise control compared to the first nib without any oil coat remove procedure.

So yeah I think it will be better to do some doodle tests with this nibs without any pre-setup for a couple hours and if you find that the ink flow is doing good in that time I think it will be better to leave it as it is without applying any kind of weird liquid or burning the nib. Plus, the nib will last a lot longer. Sorry for the lenghty review but I wanted to share this experience because there's not much info about this on the Internet. Cheers from Mexico!

March 15, 2014
These are the best nibs...
These are the best nibs I've ever had. To start off, I love the tiny plastic box they come in, it's so cute! Second, they work phenomenally. Smooth, fine lines, don't break into your paper at all if pushed forward, have a wide variety of line textures and thicknesses, and have a nice look and feel. Also, what I like about these that I usually have a problem with in other G Pens, you can make long, nice lines in one swift movement without feathering or unevenness. Lastly, I have a weird OCD where I don't like to throw expensive things away, so these nibs are perfect because they last a very long time. The only drawback is the rough feel it has when drawing with it, but that is completely ignorable.

I read a review saying how the ink flow was uneven and blotchy. They are most likely misusing it, or have an unusual technique, because it doesn't do anything like that.

Nothing but good things to say about this pen. Highly recommend.