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  Oh dear... I'm going..., April 26, 2011
Oh dear... I'm going to ruin the perfect 5 stars this has...
i'm not disappointed with the Zebra G-nib and i was fed with alot of the amazing "this is the best G-nib!" stories. Anyway, I agree with the pros:
-makes thinner lines than the NIKKO G-nib
-holds ink well (i'm not sure... but ink does flow without you seeing it is wet but you have to try all sorts of angles to tempt the ink out)
- THIS IS THE AUTHENTIC ZEBRA G-NIB (I've read before there are "G-nibs" sold but they're not Zebra...though a NIKKO nib is nice too)
-it feels... a bit hard/ scratchy when I use it. Originally, I used NIKKO's and that one flowed smoothly without that slight scratchy feel. i guess it doesn't matter, but it just surprised me a bit
-(well, this one is more my fault) it's tongue is wider than the NIKKO's so it fits in too well into my holder (Speedball Pen Holder Blister - Carded) and so I fit it in a bit less... and when I dipped it in ink for the second time- IT FELL INTO THE INK BOTTLE. Well, I fished it out (yay).
-The case is a lot smaller than I expected...(is this a con-or just me?)