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March 28, 2013
The color is actually...
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The color is actually green, fits Hunt's 102 as well so if you hate those plastic holders you can use this one instead.

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February 7, 2012
Zebra Maru Pen Holder Durab...
Zebra Maru Pen Holder

Durable wood based nib holder and sized well enough to the point that you don't need a rubber grip to put on it. Round/Maru pens fit nicely into the slot and in my opinion writes better than the Nikko and Tachikawa free pen/round pen holders(with the nib on of course!). In closing, it's simple and it does the job well!

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October 9, 2010
very good feel,not too...
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very good feel,not too bulky neither too thin.Nice,little thing.

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March 12, 2013
Bought the set and I...
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Bought the set and I do Love Zebra G nibs so I was happy to get more but this holder doesn't fit them at all. I have two useless sticks. :-(