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Never worry about lead breaking again! The DelGuard pencil uses an innovative mechanism developed by Zebra that prevents lead breakage. The secret is in the moving parts inside the pencil tip and grip area. How exactly does it work? If you apply vertical pressure to the lead as you write, a spring inside the pencil absorbs the pressure and allows the lead to retract a little so that it's protected by the guide pipe. If you apply diagonal pressure, the guide pipe and tip which guard the lead extend further out, thus protecting more of the lead. Even if you write with a heavy hand, your lead will survive. Lead clogging is also prevented, because the internal parts guard the lead. Even those small bits won't get misaligned and clog the pencil! However, if you extend the lead by clicking four times or more, the lead may break while writing. The pencil writes smoothly, and your thoughts won't be interrupted by the annoyance of lead breaking. Your concentration will see great improvement!

This is the White pencil. Some photos feature other colors.

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A few days after reciving...
August 29, 2016
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A few days after reciving this in the mail I went to another office supply store and found the same one that came with extra lead for a cheaper price. It looks the same as this one too,despite the fact that it isn't probably a Japanese import. Anyways a nice, light pencil made out of plastic that has a fancy looking tip to it. Only giving it 4/5 because of the price. Anyways a pretty darn good pencil!