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  The Zebra Drafix is just..., July 26, 2012
The Zebra Drafix is just great. As a Business Owner and Web Developer, I use various pencils for Daily Business Journals and Meetings and Action Notebooks as-well as Sketching. Alongside of the Ohto that I recently purchased, this Zebra Drafix is great! Lightweight and just perfect for detailed sketches.

Well worth the price. What a great line.
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  I am in love with this..., January 17, 2012
I am in love with this pencil! The feel of it is nice, it makes crisp, thin lines that are great for detail. Everything about this pencil is amazing! It's also not too thick and has a light, thin feel to it! This is my favorite Pencil~ I love using it.
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  i got this pencil as..., April 14, 2011
By gee...
i got this pencil as a gift from my bf and its pretty good. i use it for drawing and drawing lines. i wouldnt recommend it for long periods of writing as the grip is hard plastic and isnt soft and squishy. but for me since its thinner then most mech pencils it feels nicer. erasers a bit too small but i almost never use the eraser of mech pencils and instead buy them on theyre own. it does good if you press hard using a small amout of lead at a time.
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  @suq... A drafting pencil..., July 5, 2010
By gol...
A drafting pencil is basically a mechanical designed for precision drawing because the guide pipe, usually 3-5 mm long, allows the pencil to move smoothly along paper or the edge of a ruler. Also, the long pipe allows visibility as you are drawing and the drawing to be well, precise. There are usually lead indicators for people who draw because the lead grade is indicated and it is useful for remembering. Also, if you have noticed, the drafting pencils come in finer lead sizes such as 0.3,0.4 and larger sizes such as 0.9. Lead holders usually come in large diameters such as 2.0 and 3.15.

A mechanical pencil is for daily everyday usage and the pipe is usually 2 mm long. There are usually no lead indicators and the lead sizes are typically 0.5 or 0.7.

I hope this helps you tell the difference.

For a review, I saw this pencil in China and I was hesitant to use it a lot because it felt somewhat lightweight and cheesy XD. The pencil overall isn't the best but for its price, it is a great deal.
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  I like this pencil quite..., June 14, 2009
I like this pencil quite a bit. It's light but at the same time feels sturdy. It really feels good to write with. I like to compare this pencil to the Uni-ball 552 and the Staedtler 925. I definitely recommend this pencil to anyone, especially at this price.
  This mechanical pencil,..., September 26, 2008
This mechanical pencil, so far, is amazing! I love the softness and the crispy lines.
It's replaced my 0.5mm lead pencil. I love it so much. The lead softness thingie is a nice touch, and it's entertaining. ;D
  I really only like 0.3mm..., August 25, 2008
I really only like 0.3mm pencils. This one is light and has a good feel to the grip. It's easy to hold and write with. Compared to some more expensive, but lower quality pencils, this one is a bargain.
  I ordered this pencil..., March 19, 2007
I ordered this pencil after my old 0.3mm mechanical pencil bit the dust after almost 6 years of wonderful use and surface. As an illustrator, I am a little picky with the tools I use, and for drawing, I find any lead larger than 0.3mm is too messy and clunky to deal with.

This pencil was a steal at $5.00 and is a dream to use. The lead hardness indicator is convenient, although I only use a couple of hardnesses.

It was delivered quickly and in good shape, as well. Great buy!
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  Advances lead just a..., March 8, 2013
Advances lead just a tiny bit then retracts back into pencil when attempting to write. Very frustrating and waste of money.
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  please restock!!..., September 21, 2009
please restock!!
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  so is the grip of this..., December 10, 2010
so is the grip of this pencil ribbed soft rubber or ribbed hard plastic??
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  i just have a question...., February 20, 2010
By sug...
i just have a question. whats the difference between a drafting pencil and a normal mechanical pencil?
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  i bought this pencil..., November 18, 2008
By zh_mad
i bought this pencil for drawing but soon ,i abandon it as it was a lousy pencil, so i chose another drawing that suits me best for drawing faces