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September 3, 2013
I love this pen and had...
Verified Purchase
I love this pen and had been given one. I then ordered 10 and none of the tops will stay on when in the writing position. I can be in the middle of writing and the top will fall off on to the floor. It is very disturbing when I am in a meeting and I have to try to find the top to my pen. The original one I received as a gift works perfectly and I am disappointed that my 10 do not work. I really like the size and convenience of the one that works properly and would order more if they would work.

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March 2, 2013
The cap is too loose...
Verified Purchase
The cap is too loose when it is placed in the writing position. It will fall if the pen is inverted. Faulty design that needs to be fixed.

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December 18, 2013
I WANT to give this pen...
I WANT to give this pen a higher review, but "if it don't click, it's not my pick".
That lid needs to let me know it's in for the LONG HAUL! I want it to fall in place with STABILITY! Don't move around, don't worry me that it might fly off and be lost forever. I need to find a relationship with a more stable pen.

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December 17, 2012
This pen, which is now...
Verified Purchase
This pen, which is now impossible to find in any retail store, has always been my go to. I will admit that I like a scratchy, fine point pen and this one is it. This pen is a perfect size (I enjoy a compact pen), the cap prevents leaking, the ink cartridge is smooth and doesn't clog. I used this pen on Law School Exams and can guarantee that over 3-4 hours of writing it's a very comfortable pen. I find that the smaller size helps prevent hand cramping.

LOVE this pen. And at this price how can you NOT give it a go?

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November 22, 2010
Zebra products are typically...
Verified Purchase
Zebra products are typically of excellent quality. The F-301 is an exception....
An essential design element/function of a compact writing instrument design must make the most of its extended length. As such, the cap when removed from the business end and placed on the pen "butt," should fit snugly. In this instance, it does not - it fits loosely and is not what one would call a precision fit...

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June 17, 2014
This is a reasonably...
Verified Purchase
This is a reasonably high-quality pen, good for what it purports to be: a pocket-sized ballpoint. As others have noted, the cap does not click or snap into place when posted, and can feel loose if you brush your hand against it. But when capped, it's roughly the same size as a Fisher Space Pen (bullet-shape), an Ohto Rook, or a KaWeCo Liliput. Of all of these pens, only the Liliput has no problem with a posted cap, and then only by virtue of having no cap at all.

If you want a pocket-sized pen with a secure cap, the Liliput comes in a fountain pen whose cap screws nicely onto the back. If you want a workhorse ballpoint you can toss in your pocket or bag, and can risk losing without a lot of emotional or financial pain, the F-301 Compact is your best bet.

December 4, 2013
This is without a doubt...
This is without a doubt the worst writing implement I have ever purchased. I can't even say used because it was impossible to complete one word without its skipping or just not making any mark on the page. It is junk. I cannot imagine what I was sent after reading other reviews which praised it. I always expect quality from Zebra but this one was just horrible.

January 25, 2012
I have bought this pen...
I have bought this pen again and again. It has a great line and I love how it fits into small spaces. I agree with others who complain that it doesn't "click" when opened and extended. The odd thing is I think Zebra F-301 Compact pens I bought in the beginning DID click...but inexplicably they changed the design. Or, am I just imagining things. Perhaps if lots of us write to Zebra asking them to tweak the design a bit, they'll listen. Anyway, that little problem doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for this pen at all. I love it.

July 6, 2011
As a guy who always likes...
Verified Purchase
As a guy who always likes to always carry a pen, there are 2 locations to carry it: shirt pocket, or back pants pocket. Shirt pockets keep getting smaller, so often won't easily hold a full size pen, and it's getting tough to find a causual shirt with a pocket. Back pocket a full size pen is uncomfortable when you sit down, wears a hole in the pocket or frays the top of the pocket, may break (if plastic), or "unretracts" and leaves an ink stain. The Zebra compact is the best compromise I've found--short for either pocket (or even front pants pocket), full size for use, mostly steel so it won't break if you sit on it, and a good fine point black ink writing tool. I agree, the only major shortfall is that the cap doesn't click into place during use, only when closed.

May 1, 2011
This is a nice looking...
This is a nice looking compact pen for a low price (compared to, say, the Inka). As some have pointed out, the cap is loose when the pen is extended - there's no reassuring "click" to lock it in place when extended. It is not really a problem though - it fits securely enough, and takes a moderate shaking to dislodge it. It's also meant to be extended only when writing, and then put into its compact form again. If you need it extended most of the time, another pen would probably be more suitable. It closes very securely in its "normal" position.