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I've been using the Zebra...
July 6, 2011
I've been using the Zebra F-301 exclusively for about the last fifteen years. I prefer the textured plastic grip to the rubber grip of the F-402. I've tried the various colors available (they come in black, blue, burgundy, and green), but prefer the black. I find it to be a perfect pen for writing or drawing, because it has a very even ink flow - no globs! As a lefty, I always had problems with pens leaving ink globs that would then get smeared as I continued to write - not a problem with the Zebra F-301. As for other people "borrowing" the Zebra F-301 and "forgetting" to give it back? Not a problem for me. My coworkers know they'd better not even think about touching my F-301. Also, I have left an empty F-301 lying around while I'm not there, so if anyone tried to use it, it wouldn't work. Then, when I'm there with my REAL F-301, people might see it lying around, but will avoid it out of habit, assuming it to be empty. Also, if anyone does ever borrow it, I don't let them out of my sight. And I stare at it in their hand until it is safely returned to me. I have considered getting the F-301 Compact, because it apparently comes equipped to wear on a lanyard. On the plus side, that would seem to pretty much eliminate borrowing altogether, but on the other hand, I just don't know if I want to go there...?
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I've managed to hold...
April 19, 2011
I've managed to hold on to the same Zebra F-301 ballpoint for twenty years. I've refilled it dozens of times and it still goes strong and is still good looking in a techie kind of way, which proves it's a classic.

I'd buy another one, but why? I've had the same one forever.
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Stylish, durable, solid,...
December 31, 2010
Stylish, durable, solid, nice fine line, great grip which offers excellent control- Zebra is amazing! This baby's a classic!
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I love the way this pen...
May 2, 2016
I love the way this pen writes. Smooth ink, no blobs, and only minimal skipping.

I also like the sturdy construction. It wasn't maybe as heavy as I was expecting, but it still feels like it would hold up to some pretty substantial wear-and-tear.

However... I found it was just a bit too short for me to use comfortably. For reference, I am a man with medium-sized hands, so for those with smaller hands, this may be a non-issue. The other drawback is the plastic "grip" section, which for me, did very little in the way of actually helping me get a grip; the ridged plastic on this pen somehow managed to feel more slippery than the smooth plastic of a Bic Cristal.

Overall, it's a good pen, but not great. I'll probably use it until it runs out, but I won't be rushing out to purchase any refills for it, and I don't think I'd buy it again.
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One of the best pens...
October 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
One of the best pens i´ve been using at work. Light, not very big, handy and comfortable typing.
Such a nice handy little...
November 6, 2010
Such a nice handy little pen. It has a nice stainless steel body with a nice overall look. Maybe it would be better with an integrated rubber grio instead of plastic
I love this pen for the...
July 6, 2011
I love this pen for the feel and form factor. However, I really don't care for the writing quality. I would love to find a refill that fits this body but works better. My ideal writing pen is the Signo RT Gel 0.38, but any good fine point gel refill would be good. I did try the Zebra G-301, but I found the ink blotchy, not at all fine point, and it took forever to dry. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
My expierence with this...
April 6, 2011
Verified Purchase
My expierence with this pen was not a good one. I was carrying the F-301 in my pocket, along with a Lamy Safari fountain pen. The F-301 leaked it's ink all over the inside of my jacket pocket. The Safari fountain pen, however, has not leaked once.

Maybe I received a bad one, but I would not buy a Zebra F-301 again.
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