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I work in a lab and use...
September 12, 2010
I work in a lab and use this pen to take notes while at the bench. I use this pen because of its steel barrel and hard grip, which are easy to disinfect with 10% bleach. I also like it because you can buy refills for it almost anywhere. The ink is not alcohol-resistant, which probably isn't really an issue for most people but I thought I'd mention it after my experience. The ink also isn't super dark -- I accidentally left my pen in my white labcoat pocket before it went in the laundry with a bunch of other coats and it didn't ruin any of them, although the cartridge was rendered useless by the ordeal.
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This pen has a nice grip...
December 13, 2010
This pen has a nice grip and solid construction, but it doesn't write well. I use it because it is convenient and writes more finely than a normal 0.7, but it makes small skips and blobs all the time.
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