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Pretty nice highlighter... ...
September 18, 2012
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Pretty nice highlighter...

I'm really not a fan of capped anything, so I buy the capless (knock) when I can. This highlighter isn't as bright as something like the Stanford Accent , But still a nice color. Unlike the Accent, it doesn't smear, so that is a plus. Looks very nice (as a nice as a highlighter can look), a clean translucent white with the color clip and push mechanism. Speaking of.. the push mechanism feels a teeny bit too long, as you have to push it a full inch to open the pen.. it just feels awkward.

The highlighter also has a very hard tip, so if you are careful, you can get very nice wide lines. And write something fairly thin if you need to make a note (no need for a dual tip or separate pen). But if you ever just want to use this as a marker for a bored doodle, it will squeak. Even though ink flow is fine, it sometimes gives off that dry tip feel when it glides across the paper.

Overall... I like this highlighter and will use it as my #1, but when it comes time to get another, I may explore other options.
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