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July 25, 2012
Yeah, clearly not a daily...
Yeah, clearly not a daily writer, right? But I get more compliments on this as a wallet pen than almost any other writing instrument I have. It fits perfectly into a wallet and is always ready for signing credit card receipts, etc. I have one that is going on something like eight years with the same cartridge for just signing stuff and quick notes, etc. There are lots of "wallet pens" that cost a ton more and I can't imagine they offer any advantage over this mighty mini.

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September 16, 2011
Amazing. Fits perfectly...
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Amazing. Fits perfectly in the impossibly tiny pen sleeve in my Kindle cover and is so small, it does not impede closing the cover in any way. Writes nicely too.

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April 22, 2011
Very good pen but a little...
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Very good pen but a little too small, I think Pilot Birdy is a bit better, the mechanism is a little loose too.

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February 2, 2011
The pictures do not do...
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The pictures do not do this pen justice. It is *super* tiny. Despite this, it is very easy to write with, even for my large hands. Although, I can't see using this pen for extended periods. It'd make the perfect emergency/as needed pen. Also, the T3 writes surprisingly smooth, far smoother than pens double it's cost. Overall, a great little pen.

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August 18, 2010
This is a TINY pen. I...
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This is a TINY pen. I keep it (and the matching pencil) in my wallet for writing-related emergencies!

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May 24, 2010
This is one TINY pen....
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This is one TINY pen. Not something I'd want to write with all day, but a perfect pocket pen. I was surprised at how smoothly it writes; reminds me of my Zebra F-301. I think I'll order another. :)

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November 24, 2014
Nice pen....
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Nice pen.

October 31, 2014
The pen is tiny and fun....
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The pen is tiny and fun. Pretty useful despite the size. The stock ballpoint refill isn't great, but I enjoy the gel refills.

May 7, 2013
I've been using this...
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I've been using this pen for three years now. It's a great pen I use every single day at work, at home, everywhere. It starts many conversations too! It's solid, light, and inexpensive.

As much as I love the pen, I never was found of the ink refills. They write smoothly but the ink is very light, hard to read in some cases. After trying several refills (the Pilot H-Tec-C, Platinum BSP-100S), I finally found the perfect one: Zebra Sharbo X.

All aforementioned refills are D1, which means that they all fit in the Zebra T3. However, the Pilot Hi-Tec-C, although they right nicely, are not a perfect fit and requires some work around. The Platinum BSP-100s perform just as bad as the Zebra refills that come with the pen. In the other hand, the Zebra Sharbo X are top notch. They right fluidly and beautifully. The ink pops a lot. It creates strong lines.