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November 21, 2014
I like them! The pens...
Verified Purchase
I like them! The pens are as small as I visualized and fit perfectly in my pocket.

October 20, 2014
Well' I like the size...
Verified Purchase
Well' I like the size of the pen, however the refill is very scratchy, and the sticker on the pen was really hard to remove which became a big minus!!

October 17, 2014
LOVE this amazing little...
Verified Purchase
LOVE this amazing little pencil. I use it every day with my travel sketchbook, they are both the same size so it fits perfectly inside of it. Definitely recommended, I'll probably be back for a pen version at some point.

April 17, 2014
Just got my pencils today....
Verified Purchase
Just got my pencils today. I love it. I have litle hands and write really tiny so regular sized pencils flop around in my hands. I have had two other brands but they hand some plastic which in time broke. I love how the feel and look. Ordered them Monday and didn't expect them this soon. Thank you. Will order from you again. :-)

April 7, 2014
Honestly, you probably...
Verified Purchase
Honestly, you probably don't need a pencil that's quite this tiny. There are other mini sized pencils which will fit in a small pocket, but are thick enough to give you a little more to grab on to.

Still, this is a neat little gizmo that delivers on what it promises, and does work. I'll just add a piece of information. That ugly barcode you see in the pictures is just a label which peels off easily enough. It's not laminated on the pencil.

February 26, 2014
Good, BUT be careful...
Verified Purchase
Good, BUT be careful if you frequently drop your writing utensils!

Loved this pencil enough that when my first one broke (the plastic joining the metal tip to the body cracked very neatly at the seam that the two metal parts meet) I got a new one. Unfortunately I realized what caused the first one to break because the second one followed suit; I use this at the gym to track workouts and as such have dropped it relatively frequently. The pencil is still basically useable, but I have to hold the tip and body together to advance the lead. Really, the plastic inside is fine with normal people use, but I'm... not normal. >_<

January 28, 2014
i didnt understand how...
Verified Purchase
i didnt understand how small it was until i bought it. its really damn small, and i have small hands. i get that its not for writing pages and pages of notes, but for writing tiny little notes like 'get cat food'. i guess it serves its purpose

January 20, 2014
Not suitable for use...
Verified Purchase
Not suitable for use as a pocket pencil. Bought to use with a pocket notebook with pen/pencil sleeve. It often slipped out of the sleeve. It broke in my pocket after slipping out of the sleeve.

December 16, 2012
Its a good pencil for...
Verified Purchase
Its a good pencil for writing quick notes or as a show piece, but overall, its a good compact pencil

September 21, 2012
I looked everywhere for...
Verified Purchase
I looked everywhere for a pencil and pen this size, I had tried others and they seemed to be of rather poor quality but these are great, they feel kind of well made, fit perfectly into the spine of my wallet and seem to feel better when used with an orthodox , text book style pen grip. ( you know, the kind they teach you in school.) At any rate they are handy and refillable which is also a bonus. My wife has now pilfered both for her purse and I want two more!