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I do like this pen body,...
October 20, 2013
Verified Purchase
I do like this pen body, but there are a few things that I wish I knew before buying it. First of all, the top knock (for advancing pencil lead, if you use a mechanical pencil component) is obviously useless if you don't use a mechanical pencil component (I don't, and it took me a surprisingly long time to figure out the "problem" with the knock.). Secondly, this may be obvious from the refills, but you have to look at the refill itself (through the clear part of the body) to determine what color you have selected. The tabs are not colored like the Hi-Tec-C Coleto.

Anyway, that said, I really like the pen body. Nice and light, not too wide for me (pictures are accurate in this regard). I thought that it rattled a little when I wrote, but I tested it recently and all was well. Very nice.
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Lots of fun to use, and...
July 13, 2016
Verified Purchase
Lots of fun to use, and very handy. Love it.
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