Zebra Prefill Multi Pen Mechanical Pencil Component - 0.3 mm

The Zebra Prefill multi pen system is amazingly versatile. True to its name, which is an amalgamation of "prefer" (because you choose the components you prefer!) and "refill," the system lets you customize your multi pens to suit your preferences. The pen body is your blank canvas and you outfit it with your favorite gel inks, ballpoint inks, emulsion inks, or even mechanical pencils. Simply choose a pen body, then the ink and pencil types, point sizes, and colors that you want, then assemble to make your unique creation.

This is one 0.3 mm mechanical pencil component for the Zebra Prefill multi pen system. Pencil component should be installed in the space designated for the pen body's clip, in order to function properly.

Model NumberZEBRA RMK3
Weight0.1 ounces
Lead Size - Diameter 0.3 mm

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