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  These pens are great..., August 11, 2008
These pens are great for writing on both light and dark surfaces, and the scent is really nice for all the pens in general. The colors are pretty too, especially the 'soap.'
However, these are definitely more pens for casual doodling and maybe the occasional letter rather than for frequent use, as they run out rather quickly.
  I adore these pens, and..., April 25, 2007
I adore these pens, and am so glad I bought them! The scents are absolutely lovely and the colors are beautiful. These are immensely better than regular store bought gel pens. They write so well and the ink doesn't get clogged every five seconds like in other gel pens I've used. As previously mentioned, they look great on either light or dark paper (particularly lovely on the dark), and come in a lovely little case. This was a great buy, I'm very happy with this purchase.
  I forgot to mention in..., January 23, 2007
I forgot to mention in my review-they come in a great plastic pen case, and write well on both light and dark paper.
  WOW! I love these pens!..., January 23, 2007
WOW! I love these pens! I just got them yesterday and although the scent is rather subtle, they write really smoothly! The colors are great, too. In fact, some of the colors are ones I've never seen in a pen, such a caramel-like color for the vanilla, and an aqua shade that reminds me of the Caribbean. Great pens! I'm so glad I bought them and almost can't wait until they run out so I can buy some more!
  The fragrances are subtle..., August 15, 2006
The fragrances are subtle and pleasant. Sadly, the ink colors are subtle, too. With a slightly pearly sheen, these are more of a doodling, or maybe invitation writing sort of pen than an everyday pen. (Teenage girls will be dotting their Is with hearts and sighing with joy as they pause to sniff the results.) The pens write well and the plastic case is a handy way to keep them from escaping.